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  • You probably already know this, but there's 3 L's in the Illawarra of your Sig. Not that important, I just thought it was funny how I've read most of your posts in their entirety for months and only just realised it now. :p

    Well, I wish I could say something topical about League here... but I'm from Melbourne and would only embarass myself haha.

    Have a nice day. :)
    Stiggie, did you watch the first episode to TGA series 3 on 28 Sep 2010? If so, did you enjoy it???
    Thankyou very much, can't believe how many people have said happy birthday on here to me, so thankyou again! :)
    Excuse me, why is your avatar a blacked-out version of a crappy minor league baseball team that plays close to where I used to live? :?

    I surely didn't expect to find another Wollongongian in my first time on the forums... small world, innit.
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