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    Doctor Who

    Quite the opposite experience for me. While I have not been enjoying this season very much, E5+6 was a delight. In fact, I think I shall re-watch both episodes back to back right now.
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    The Gun thread

    Train like you fight. Better to be able to perform with all the gear, although i guess lots of guys only want to look "tactical". Had lots of fun on the range this week. German Army NSAK, our new close range shooting training concept. Glad to see I am still a fairly competent shot after 10...
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    Battlefield 4: Our Platoon

    Suedschleife ready to TK
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    Mikeno Kitesh MPV

    The KITESH is the first german MPV build from standard components of a major european manufacturer. The "genetic material" of the KITESH clearly comes from a rough commercial vehicle. This idea allows high quality and long-term availability of the components. Everything is possible in the KITESH...
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    Porsche 911 Off-Road Version. WTFBBQ?

    Will it have an optional trailer hitch to tow caravans around?
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    The cute thread

    And driving shoes
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    The Gun thread

    Any monkey can make a lower receiver with hand tools, I don't get the fuss about 3d printing in that regard. Nor do I understand why it is considered to be "the actual firearm" in the states.
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    [19x07] March 10th, 2013 [Africa Special, Part 2]

    9/10 I always enjoy the specials, this being no exception. The BMW's rear window getting smashed and even more so, the scoping out of a replacement, are comedy gold.
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    Doctor Who

    Liking the new companion so far. Seems much more capable than her 1 trick pony predecessor.
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    The Gun thread

    Only shot the ?bungsmunition a couple of times on a "Waldkampfbahn", a squad assault forest combat range, at varying distances up to 150 meters. I was neither impressed by accuracy nor reliability, but that may very well be attributed to being tired and all gear being somewhat dirty after...
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    The Gun thread

    Combat day pack, good stuff, never had one fail to fire in a G3, and those were older :p
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    The Gun thread

    Fairly certain that is not a Walther. Ejection Port window doesn't reach down far enough, rear of the slide angle is different, muzzle side of slide is flat. Probably also a Makarov in the second set of pictures.
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    The Gun thread

    The armorer's manual of the military version makes not mention of a FA function either.