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    What Are You Reading?

    Just picked up this Michael Chabon novel today Almost finished this really cool McSweeney's anthology, issue 22 - Three books held within by magnets
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    The 2010 South Africa world cup thread!

    Getting psyched up to see Spain play. I can't contain my excitement!
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    EPL 2009/2010

    Thank goodness.
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    The Joke Thread

    What has 75 balls and screws elderly women?
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    Utterly Amazing CGI - The Third & The Seventh

    Beautiful, visually and musically.
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    EPL 2009/2010

    Hey guys, just checking in to catch up on the latest Liverpool abuse. : )
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    The FOOTball thread

    Tragic. He was in good standing to be Germany's keeper for the World Cup. :(
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    James May: New Lego & Meccano Engineering Series

    ^^^ That is cool as hell. Finally watched the plasticine episode. Fantastic. Warmed my heart a little bit.
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    Who else is dodging bullets?

    I had a cold last month, which was annoying enough. My roommate's whole family has been sick with flu-like symptoms and she still insisted on going home to visit them. Isuspecting I'll catch something before Christmas gets here.
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    EPL 2009/2010

    And we still don't have enough good strikers to cover for Torres when he inevitably is injured.
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    James May: New Lego & Meccano Engineering Series

    Howdy Ontario friend. I think all the cool countries are microchipping critters these days. I remember the smell of plasticine used to stick to your hands for ages. Or maybe I was just a filthy little kid who never washed her hands? I guess all the peers I'm getting off TheBox are slow. I'm...
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    James May: New Lego & Meccano Engineering Series

    It looks like one of those little metal canister cat tags. When you unscrew it, there's a bit of paper rolled up inside, where you write in your cat's name and address.
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    EPL 2009/2010

    We really suck at football.
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    H1N1 vaccine: are you getting it?

    My best friend and housemate has a immune system deficiency and is on the high-risk list. I've only ever had the flu once in my life when I was a child, and I've never had a flu shot before. Now that she lives with me I'd rather be safe than sorry for putting her in the hospital. My city is...
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    EPL 2009/2010

    Okay that game got totally mental towards the end. MENTAL!