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    FG - [07x03] - April 4th, 2005

    Yes it is awesome, I've heard it before somewhere, but I can't remember where it was. :cry:
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    If gmail stopped working, I used's e-mail service all through highschool. Hell even Best Buy didn't have it blocked. go to and register through that site; visit it at school when you need to. Also, about a year or so ago I shifted over to my dad's...
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    Ashlee Simpson gets screwed... Again.

    Learn something new everyday! ;) If you remember Milli Vinnili (spelling?) from the early 90's, it's the same thing. :thumbsdown:
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    Ashlee Simpson gets screwed... Again.

    She lipsynced on SNL because she wasn't feeling well.. and there are two voices on the recording probably because she was sick again... :?
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    gMail invites (6)

    6 here :roll: Email me First Name, Last name and a request for your e-mail, if you have any.
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    NEW!! We deliver! *warning for pussies*

    "It's only a flesh wound!"
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    World's Tallest Bridge (in France) This one looks real.
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    Sorry, another xvid playback problem.

    After looking around and playing with everything everyone's mentioned, I did a google search and found DivX Digets with this codec by itself: Works fine now! :D
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    OWNAGE thepiratebay style!

    I call them both terrace's and balcony's. Balcony's, I thought were slight over hangs, walk way types, whereas terrace was an entire floor, or more than a walk way suspended or supported without any walls. JMO :wink:
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    Does Top Gear Have Commercials?

    Isn't Jeremy also the writer/editor or something of that sort for 2 or 3 different magazines? I know he has an interesting resume, which Tiff completely demolishes, but Jeremy's more socialble it seems.
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    Songs from this mazda clip i found on flix vault.

    Awesome, I like that dude!
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    [04x09] July 25th, 2004

    They said the Ford GT was uncool! What's up with that?!
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    Songs from this mazda clip i found on flix vault.

    I'm listening to most of them through and Rhapsody (dling program) and I think all the songs are by someone named Jocely Pook, but remixed by someone else. Hope that helps. FYI, I think it's Migration at the beginning and at 2:57 and Masked ball in b/w there.
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    well im off to vacation for a month

    Don't worry, I'll fight them with you! :twisted: