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    Your dream car and your "attainable" dream car

    hm... dream car: audi sport quattro attainable car: already obtained, audi quattro
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    4 Fast 4 Furious: The return of the Diesel [crank] Walker

    AHHH hahahaha!!!... Man these movies are... um... well... there was a really good piss take on one of the high octane videos, can't remember which one... I just remember watching the first one and being dumbfounded buy the rediculous things in it... motec exhaust... indeed
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    Buying My Car...what do you think?

    you know, my girlfreind and i just bought one of those preludes, and it is actually quite nice (and being an auto it it isn't too bad either). While its not fast, its definately not slow, andles very nicely and is very comfortable and easy to drive. a very nice palce to be. parts don't seem to...
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    Is the Freelander rubbish?

    doesn't teh freelander come with 106 major faults or something like that, I remember in a mag a few years ago that ran a big story, TG or Evo maybe, that it had all the major problems and was an basically a car on the way to an accident...
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    Car heroes of your childhood

    haha from when i was very young: (the idea, i do know what the cars were) magnum p.i.'s car smokeys trans am tyrell with 6 wheels 007's car/sub not quite so young stratos quattro magnum pi's
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    What is your favourite WRC rally car

    haha they wern't allowed to, too much variation from the road car, VAG said no way... the thin i don't get, is that every group S car i have ever heard off (audi, lancia ecv, toyota MR2, peugeot 405 etc) they have all had a bazzillion HP, but the group S reg mandate that they are to be...
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    Your all time favourite rally car

    here's one I made earlier... and if you don't liek the music too bad hahaha
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    What do non-Americans think of NASCAR

    Now am i right in saying that not all nascar is on ovals, i seem to remember seening some that wasn't (but could be wrong and don't care that much about it) Now my personal opinion is that its a bit naff, i don't like or appreciate oval racing and personally think it takes less skill to do than...
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    Your all time favourite rally car

    alright all you young new type people, its NOT AWD in the audi, its 4WD, none of that namby pamby AWD rubbish... diff locks are included... my subaru liberty (legacy) RS had a badge on teh back... 4WD, i was very proud of that... none of the PC AWD impreza noncense...
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    nsx scammer

    did anyone see this (ignore if old news):
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    What is your favourite WRC rally car

    nope the one in the museum is the group S car, the blurry pic above is the mid engine group B car that walter drove...they actually started development at the same time as teh sport quattro and did side by side testing with the sport E2 (or S1 depending on who you are)
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    What's the matter with Nissan Europe?

    so who's with me... the nissan r35 gtr will get a release in europe as a renault alpine??? ok maybe not, but it would be cool none the less
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    What is your favourite WRC rally car

    you mean this one: (more details as soon as i can be bothered)
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    What is your favourite WRC rally car

    sure you can, but your gunna look like a real dickhead doing it...