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    I posted my views on St. Patrick's Day (I think I even outright said IMO), and you decided to pick on my little rant, and I suspect it's because you have an issue with marijuana.

    If that wasn't the case you should have told me, calling me out repeatedly for smoking weed doesn't help calm the situation.

    If you do happen to have a problem with pot, then I took the courtesy of quickly explaining why I see no difference in weed and alcohol. I wasn't going on a tangent, but merely taking the liberty of explaining myself so maybe we could spare ourselves and everyone else the boring argument.
    "Don't give up so easily. Tell me what else I apparently believe in and why it's wrong. :p"

    When did I say anything about what you believe and why it's wrong or right?

    I would appreciate it if you helped me understand what you took an issue with. Is it not right that millions of people with no connection to Ireland 'celebrate' this holiday by just getting shitfaced on Guinness? In my drug addled mind this is the same thing as the commercialization of Christmas that so many complain about.

    People, including me, are constantly logging on here to post their opinions, views and rants and most of those usually go unnoticed because people see them as mere rants or personal views.

    Back off you F1 freaks. tele is a NASCAR guy!

    This one is for you mate:

    Cubs 4 life!

    wil u be my frend? coz I need lots n lots coz all my friends hav heaps of friends but i have none and are gonna commit sucide after listning to my favrite emo punk band lolz cya ADD ME!

    luv, redbull!
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