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    Amazon Prime Video available worldwide before 2017

    Cheaper then Netflix and gives the bonus of shipping with Amazon and Twitch game service. I found a pretty good alt history show on there this morning.
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    Amazon Prime Video available worldwide before 2017

    Now available in Canada! Just signed up, wife's already using the 2 day shipping.
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    Metal Gear Survive

    .......nuff said
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    New Series to start on the 29th of May

    ...and like everything else it pushed back to June 4th for BBC Canada
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    Happy Valley

    Saw commercials for it on BBC Canada haven't been home when its on will try to this week Sent from my LG-D852 using Tapatalk
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    How "old" is your reaction time?

    Average of three times: 22.5 years. not bad for a 34 year old.
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    Coolest police car ever!

    Wow that would just suck......
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    Your list of old, EX cars

    My List is a bit smaller, but here goes.... 1st: 1987 Ford Club Wagon 150 Learned to drive on this and my vehicle while in High School, needless to say I was hit with all my friends. Backed into a tree on prom night. So we fixed it up, drove a while and sold it to a carpet company when the gas...
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    W. Chump & Sons Reliant Robin company cars

    Where all the damage on Jeremy's?
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    Beater car drivers, what's your breaking point?

    I can attest to this, Pretty damn close. I had a old Mercury Cougar (88) that a "friend" rammed into a Buick and crumpled the front passenger corner of the unibody to the point of messing up the camber. Basically pulled it back out and measured the dims, compared to a parts car I had. If I...
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    I have never game

    True. I have never gone skydiving.
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    Same here in Ontario, Canada. Although the MTO Enforcement would nail you for jagged edges protruding from your vehicle.
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    Hillbilly Limo Hillbilly Limo Found this on a local Craigslist for sale a while back. Figured it was a perfect fit here.
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    James May: James May Toy Stories 2009 -- Different broadcast versions?

    Hi Everyone, I thought I would ask the collective minds a question, The broadcast of James May's Toy Stories are there different versions? I have the Lego House from back in '09 that 52:09 long. I thought this was the only version While trying to find a online version to quote a post I was...
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    Top Gear Lego

    In your case it may be the LEGO part that appealing to everyone. James said something to that effect back on his Toy Stories LEGO house episode.