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  • Ref your question as to my opinion on the plane on a conveyor belt conundrum: Planes need airspeed (air over the lifting surfaces) to fly. As long as the plane is on the ground and the wheels are in contact with the belt and the belt compensates for how fast the wheels are turning, it's just like running on a treadmill.... the legs are pumping like mad, but you're not goiing anywhere.
    Just a quick thanks on the finer points of youtube embedding. Cheers for the explanations, will send you a friend request. :)
    Just wanted to say that I love your pic from F/A 18 Interceptor. I loved that game on my Amiga 500 (my first computer) and have just been thinking about buying one so that I could play this game once more and actually finish it. I could never get past the final level where you had to attack the enemy carrier but stay under 100 feet when approaching it.

    Ich wollte mir eigentlich nur f?r den Pos. Rep. Bedanken!

    Viele Gr??e aus Hamburg,

    & have a nice week
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