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    Spy video: 2009 Lexus LF-A

    ^ the engine is derived from the old F1 V10's, honda is doing the same:D:D...these japs supercar wars are going to be amazing!...and the sound is amazingggg...personally i think that these prototypes are the best looking versions yet:P
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    Did Richard eventually sell his Porche 924?

    well it ran well? . . .yea thats all i got=\
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    United Kingdom: number in speed camera revenue, number two in road safety.

    THANK YOU, finally its said...clarkson is probably ecstatic when he reads this:P
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    Your favourite sounding car?

    any AMG engine in the last few years...6.2L, 5.5 n/a / super, or the 7.3, amzingggggg sounds...but for me my favorite would definately be Audi's 4.2V8 in the RS4/R8, it doesnt sound like any other engine ive heard, and its just absolutely amazing=D
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    2007 Canadian Grand Prix

    the crash kinda reminded me of roland ratzenbergers crash:( just happy that the out come wasnt near the same:D...hope he makes a speedy recovery so he can reclaim he rightful place on the podium!! you can also see his feet sticking out of the monocoque in the last pic
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    2007 US Grand Prix

    ask ralf:lol: i cant wait for this race, hopefully massa will bring his game back, kimi bettr get some points for the constructors tho!!...and i hope rosberg and heidfeld can do really well ideal podium..1) massa, 2) kimi 3) rosberg, vettel,heidfeld
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    Clarkson on the Audi R8 havent finished reading it yet, but from the quote on the side of the page...i dont think it will disapoint:D
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    My Subaru Impreza WRX

    damnnnn nice wrx man, and welcome...the beach pic is sickkkkkk btw:D
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    [11x08] June 18th, 2007

    ohhhh mannnn GT3 + GT3RS + castle combe + tiff= amazingggg
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    2009 Cadillac CTS-V

    ^haha...nice:P oh man this CTS-V is just looking better and better, that bulge on the hood is HUGE! are the brakes, tires, and definately the power!!! According to Lutz, he says its unbelievable that hes never driven anything like it, and seeing how it hasnt really been publicized that he...
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    Which ferraris were crap?

    yea doesnt steve coogan, have one of those??
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    91st Indianapolis 500 (SPOILERS)

    holy shit, who died!!...and yea it is alot more dangerous, pretty good race thought...even though i wish the top three was 1) kanaan 2) danica 3) marco, with danica and kanaan goin nose-nose at the end!...i didnt watch last year's race, but i saw pretty much all i needed to in the flashback...
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    What Kind Of Engine Does Your Car Have?

    alrite, someone voted for the I-3...who has the hyundai accent 3cyl diesel:P my engines are a toyota 3.0L V6 from a 2000 sienna, awsum engine,smooth,good power delivery, sounds great after 4K...other is a chrysler 3.3 V6 in a plymouth voyager...its horrible
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    The newly redesigned 2008 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

    it will definately not be 507 hp, as much as many of us want it to will outclass the E63 by alot. I think the engine will be restrained to about 450-460hp max, they dont want to eat into E63 sales, which already competes with the CLS63...merc doesnt need 3 very different sedans with the...