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    [05x01] October 24th, 2004

    uh, im only getting ~20kb/ something wrong?? i also am only downloading from like 10 peers :? i think its something to do with router settings but i cant remember the username and password for the router. :(
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    [04x07] July 11th, 2004

    the spyker is ugly and overpriced IMO. the proportions arent quite right. i like the interior though, theres such attention to detail and little touches here and there that make it look special. for the price though, theres no way i would ever consider buying one.,
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    Guess that car game

    toyota celica? the one with the pop up headlights?
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    Drool Garage take 2

    koenigsegg CC Audi A8 saab 9-3 mazda 3 holden monaro (can i have it instead of the GTO since its the same except it actually looks good ) lexus is300 BMW 6 series WRX (this was a hard one. i love the car, but i hate the image)
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    Drool garage

    murcielago db9 rx8 elise
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    E60 M5 Details

    beauty is in the eye of the beholder. i think it looks beautiful. some people still think the ferrari enzo looks ugly..........
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    Guess that car game

    its american. isnt it?
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    Guess that car game

    its a lamborghini gallardo!!!! um, actually i have no idea.
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    E60 M5 Details

    hi rez pics here:
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    Guess that car game

    theres no way you could guess the car from that pic.
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    Guess that car game

    i wouldve said honda integra but thats already been guessed.
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    [04x02] May 16th, 2004

    boring?? it was hilarious!!
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    Guess that car game

    hmmmmmm......... panoz??
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    my car designs

    ooh thats a nice design. what did he use?