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    Jeremy Clarkson Suspended Over Fracas

    Now we will never See the 918 vs P1 vs La Ferrari.. Jokes aside, this is not good.
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    vBulletin Security Hole

    Hello, I just learned from a mass email from another forum that there is a security hole in a vBulletin, and accounts were compromised usernames and passwords were accessed on that website. From what I know so far it only involves vBulletin Versions 4.0+ this forum runs 4.2.0. I am...
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    New Jeremy Clarkson DVD

    I ached for a drag race between the MP4C and the GTR, when they went to the video with them lined up I got to the edge of my seat only to be disappointed :(
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    what song?

    ^Awesome Thanks :)
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    what song?

    when ever they are in the shop building something they play that upbeat music. anyone know the name of it?
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    Post your animated GIFs thread (56k takes a bus)

    But hey at least it has launch control :)
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    Stupid Driver Stories

    Getting off the highway, noticed the a car started tapping their brake lights like freaking out, I go great they probably did not want to exit but then they freaking slammed on their brakes to STOP when they are already pretty much in the exit, we just exited the Highway so we are doing 40-50mph...
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    So, thats where the Stig came from

    He has been spotted!
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    The Meme Thread

    If I need to give a presentation to people I clear my history, If I need to show someone something to friends or girl/guy I dont care if it shows up.
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    [02x02] July 31st, 2011

    SIARC felt rushed, but I been watching alot of Pawn Stars lately and wow I did not realize how much money they are rolling in.
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    [02x02] July 31, 2011

    anyone having issues with the Audio? Its broken up and in slowmow for me on directv, only channel thats like it
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    [02x01] July 24, 2011

    meh it was alright, but I think they made a mistake by changing the theme song and starting the season with a "special".
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    [17x04] July 17th, 2011

    I am not sure why Hammond had to scream from the outside to tell James to slow down, whats the PA system for? lol