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  • Yeah the classic one would be excellent! Indeed you do only live once, and I guess I've always loved cars; I just wasn't rich enough to have one when I first passed. However the Kangoo definitely gave so much more than its worth. :p
    Yeah if I could have had a 2l Convertible I think I may have made a mess... Maybe next time. Although I doubt I'll be silly enough to get something like this next time round
    Haha - the Kangoo is not coming to Cov after all! Well not yet, anyway. The Saab will be on its way on Monday! :lol: You may survive another day.
    Haha nice - life becomes more fun when you turn 18 :p Indeed a pub visit would be required :)
    I'm good; as good as you can be when you have so much work to do for exams that are so close <_<
    Once the exams end and summer begins however - things will become more awesome :p
    :p Not yet! I'm still down south. I drive up on Monday. However it is nice and sunny here too!

    And my birthday seems so long ago now! And I'm 19!?! Also when was your birthday to make you 18? Happy belated birthday for that too; I hope you got plenty inebriated :lol:

    Ah Anberlin wasn't that fun :p And ages ago - last year even! :O Time really races by when you're at uni, thats for sure. For example, I have exams in just 5 weeks or so. FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway how is life treating you and Cov?
    Haha - I don't actually have the car up here... And how many Kangoos do you have in your area? :lol:

    As for the ticket - it would be better if you know the band - the ticket is free and includes a backstage pass - I'm interviewing them for the uni's radio. Small possibility it won't happen but lets hope it will :)
    Hey - hows life going with you? I have managed to live up here for 5 weeks now and haven't tracked you down yet! I'd say that's doing pretty well... :lol: :p

    Anyway - you don't happen to be a fan of Anberlin's do you? Just a thought as I'm seeing them up in Birmingham on Friday and have a spare ticket. Don't worry if you have never heard of them - I wouldn't be surprised. :p
    Haha yeah this summer is the longest so far by miles. Since my last exam it'll be just over 3 months; from the start of study leave (and from lessons) just over 4 and a half months. Its brilliant! Something to look forward to, definitely.
    Who knows? :p I leave on the 2nd October, so I technically have no idea yet. Although I've been sorting a few things out, I do still need to pack. It has started though - my mates have begun to trickle away to random parts of the country; there will be a big loss this weekend, and the rest will go on the 2nd, like me.

    Still only sort of looking forward to it though :lol: Definitely looking forward to the socalising, possibly getting a decent job, being away from home etc. Not looking forward to the whole new system of learning, plus the extra work it brings. Worst part is the timetables. There is an online system that makes no sense, but its OK, because Engineering students have to contact the department anyway. Oh great. :p

    But indeed I will soon find out. :)
    Oh dear. You know not of what awaits you within the world of the personal statement. It does not involve ladies.

    Basically, this time next year you will be (hopefully long finished) applying for uni. To do this you have to write a 4000 character statement about yourself, your loves of the subject, what you can bring to the uni etc etc etc. It is mostly overrated as to how important it is, but you will be undoubtably told it is the most important thing in your life. It is not fun. You will not enjoy it. Begin.
    Well of course the partying now :p

    As for uni - thats a full month away. I currently have 9 events on facebook (not sure how many I'll go to), but 7 of them involve a bar :p However I still have to get ready for uni...

    Oh yes - do enjoy the wonderful UCAS personal statement. Its absolutely the most enjoyable thing I have ever done in my entire life.
    Well that's certainly a good start! As long as you got enough to get back in, then thats fine. You can forget your GCSEs now. And enjoy the fun times of 6th form! :p
    Well good luck for tomorrow morning - I hope you do get what you want/need. And remember - GCSEs are completely useless during/after the IB, and the IB is completely useless during/after uni. :lol:
    And remember I've been on holiday for 8 weeks already :D :p It really can get incredibly boring.

    Considering you I guess you are waiting on GCSE results tomorrow - do you know what you are doing next year? A-Levels? BTEC? IB? Nothing? Uni might seem a long way off, but 6th form flew by. And Chicago? That's a new one. :lol:
    I was only out Fri and Sat nights, then out during the day on Sun. But considering I have 6 weeks left of the holidays, there's no rush and theres plenty planned. :p Add to that that I've recently noticed I'm heading towards 5000 posts and I can't help but feel I've spent way too much time on FG over the past 4 years, and haven't actually got anywhere.

    And you say move away in a couple of that off to uni or don't you plan to go there? 5 years is a long time, but consider that I've been at the same school for the past 7. However we do all agree that it is time for us to leave school and 'move on'.

    Oh and I don't think its bad that some may consider you a 'trainspotter' - it gives you something unique. Sure its not seen as normal, but at least its better than football. I think its great to have something, especially as long as you enjoy it.
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