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  • If it does brilliantly, you'll be fine. If it tanks, a couple days and it's off the first page and everyone forgets about it.

    There are enough engineers around here that have an appreciation for all things mechanical.
    Mechanical (Automotive) Engineering. Currently 3 years, but I want to change to the 4 year course with a year away (5 years total). Cannot wait :D xxx
    How about me, the southeastern trains (which suck :p), and Brands Hatch! You can come and visit the Kangoo too :D
    :wub: Just so you know, currently I'm going to move to Warwick uni at the end of this year, so I'll be nice and close to you! :lol:
    Well good to hear it arrived safely at least :) I don't remember whether I used it on carpet or a hard floor; I guess carpet as we haven't got much hard flooring, and our carpets are all very thin anyway, so I don't think it would interfere much. Good to know its gone to a good home :D
    You're welcome. Someone around here has to have a happy story, and I truely hope that it's you.
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