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    I just got the news. Well, I am not from the UK. And this is very saddening. I always watch both FG and TG for different reasons. I watch FG for facts and knowledge while i watch TG for entertainment purposes. Really sad to see FG to go away. For me, it is FG > TG :)
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    [16x00] May 23rd, 2009 [Stunt Special]

    It was good, more of a documentry rather than normal fifth gear. How a simple task needing months to achieve. You see, I actually liked more facts and physics then talking and doing 'ambitious but rubbish' stuff. No surprise that I liked Fifth Gear more over Top Gear which is for Lulz only.
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    [14x02] August 18th, 2008

    YEah, i agree with most of your thought. I do not normally do this because there are a lot of TG fan's out there. For me, if i want some fun and laughter, it would be TG and some serious motoring from all aspect whether if it is boring or not it would be FG many times over TG. Both shows are...