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    Cancer Sucks

    I haven't been on Final Gear in years, but when I heard the news about Alex I had to come and share my condolences. He created something truly wonderful that impacted all of us deeply. Jalopnik rightly pointed out that he was instrumental in turning Top Gear from a pokey motoring show to an...
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    DMCA Notice

    What I've actually already been doing for a while is using Expat Shield to watch new episodes of TG on iPlayer. I recommend it.
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    [21x04] February 23rd, 2014

    James's review was good, Jezza's was sublime and Hammond's was very cool. Loved the banter between the boys and the guest was funny too. 10/10 - One of the best ever episodes, especially among non-specials.
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    [21x04] February 23rd, 2014

    23:29 - 23:15 - Clint Mansell - Leaving Earth 29:09 - 29:30 - Clint Mansell & Sam Hulick - An End, Once and for All Both from Mass Effect 3 OST
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    [16x06] February 27th, 2011

    ^I'm absolutely certain that 31:21 - 32:17 is David Arnold - Stairwell Fight Compare them for yourself: /topgear/16/6/14.mp3 From 2:54 on:
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    [16x06] February 27th, 2011

    03:48 - 04:06 - David Arnold - Aston Montenegro 31:21 - 32:17 - David Arnold - Stairwell Fight 53:26 - 54:46 - John Barry - 007 Takes the Lektor First two from the Casino Royale soundtrack Third one from the From Russia With Love soundtrack 22:52 - 23:41 sounded kind of like "Miami...
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    Top Gear China?

    This is actually a great idea, and I've often wondered myself why this hasn't already been done. The Chinese are absolutely crazy about cars. It's hard to say quite why, but I would say that they're one of the most-car-crazy countries in the world. Everyone aspires to have a nice car (or the men...
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    BBC lawyers fight The Stig's bid to lift lid on his identity

    I know! We can have a Spartacus-type scene with various racing drivers saying "I'm the Stig" Then no one will know who the Stig really is :)
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    [15x05] July 25th, 2010

    23:28 - 24:11 - Trevor Rabin - The Chase 24:52 - 25:03 - Trevor Rabin - The Chase From National Treasure (Not to be confused with "Foot Chase" from the same soundtrack)
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    [15x04] July 18th, 2010

    24:02 - 24:53 - Michael Kamen - Band of Brothers Suite One
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    [15x01] June 27th, 2010

    51:23 - 51:30 Michael Giacchino - Enterprising Young Men From Star Trek (2009)
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    Jeremy Clarkson's anger at ramblers who disturb his peace at lighthouse home

    Maybe a neon green and orange version of this?
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    the Top Gear British phrases explanation thread

    Forgive me if this is already in here, and for digging up an old topic, but something I've wondered for a while is the whole seat heater joke. It first appeared that I noticed in the Porsche Panamera vs Royal Mail race, and then later in Jame's interview with Margaret Calvert. But what is so...
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    Top Gear once limited to BBC employees?

    I realize that this is pretty thin and not really credible, but I've never heard of this, so I wanted to know if it's true. I noticed this in a Youtube comment from "JohnnyKanuk" (In this video if you're curious) So he claims that he had a friend in the BBC who said that the Top Gear audience...
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    [14x07] January 3rd, 2010

    27:29 - 27:51 27:54 - 27:56 Sounds like this: Traditional - Das Alpenhorn However, I'm not sure the name they give is correct.