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    The guitar thread

    Recorded this yesterday for my instagram;..
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    On The Job (snapshots to pass the time @ work)

    Last Friday I got a call from my favorite agency offering me work for a higher rate all day Saturday and Sunday; Here's what happened... The 2nd and 3rd of July 2016.. Saturday: Sunday: This site had a view :D This what a Fire Hydrant looks like in the UK/British Fire Hydrant...
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    Amsterdam Weekender June 2016

    I arrived in Amsterdam Sunday the 5th of June 2016, left Amsterdam 10am Tuesday the 7th of June 2016.. My trip: Day 1... The Stock Exchange... Is where my hotel and favourite coffee shop is and; Feels like my home; 'This bull statue's on my street out there.' Settling in... Day 2...
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    Your Camera Equipment

    I like the filters (and nature) of instagram.
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    BRexit : Shall UK stay in EU or go now?

    Well! Isn't this an interesting turn of events. I would never have thought in my life the UK would have actually chose to leave the EU. I am frightened of the concept of a weak ?. So I want this to be done right since, this is what has happened and now 'we're' here; about to leave the EU...
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    [04x06] October 29th, 2013

    It's a different car. Trust me, I own one. The steering wheel and the front lights/bumper on the white mk3.5 compared to the steering wheel and front lights/bumper of the mk3 black one that was fused with a boat.
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    [04x06] October 29th, 2013

    Top Gear US Season 4 Episode 6 Can Cars Float? I saw this last night, again... I was pleased to see my car! I searched for episodes with it, saw them drive by one of my cars once on the show by sheer luck... No luck, no episodes featuring my car (that I found)... So I'm rewatching this...
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    First World Problems thread

    I just did. Oh well, enjoy your... Whatever you've got, I'm going to hang out and still be. :)
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    First World Problems thread

    Define normal. Soho's normal. But if I go on about dogging drugs and gay clubs to pick up straight women... Suddenly that's OTT? Also, Denmark Street, a lot of nice guitars down there. :D also, South London is kinda fun.
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    Awesome Thread

    and I came here to post that...
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    First World Problems thread

    my rep points are in the red
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    Random Thoughts....

    Don't, don't believe the hype. In a political thread I dared mention WWII... (Nothing wrong with that). - Plus, I'm a patriot, again, nothing wrong with that. EU referendum; I am neither here nor there... It just means, I'm not blindly married to the EU or brainwashed by its grip... Again...
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    Celebrity Cars

    This thread's not spam. - - - Updated - - - So pls, stop spamming in this thread.
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    Random Thoughts (Political Edition)

    I'm not alone in thinking the rise of Donald Trump resembles the rise of Adolf Hitler.
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    BRexit : Shall UK stay in EU or go now?

    Because that's where the money is? IDK... There seems to be a lot of migration to London, skilled/unskilled; from all parts of the world, EU and non EU alike (like from the USA to Japan). I'm not saying it's a bad thing; it just seems like; Loads of people want to come; so GB's got to be...