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    [10x01] October 7th, 2007

    this episode was pretty near to perfection. Although the celebrity bit could have been shorter. Kudos to the Stig for mastering this Golf around the track 8) I think this serie is going to be one of the best. But I will still watch fifth gear for informative reviews.
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    V8 911!

    Well at least it's original and now it's a typical american car...... hence it can only go fast in a straight line and will end up in a wall at the first corner :mrgreen: but a rotary engine could be a good and cheap replacement since it is also very light (probably lighter than the flat six)
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    New $1M dollar Lamborghini Reventon (pics)

    well this would be the perfect car for darth vader, and it also looks like a spaceship from Star-wars. Concerning the look its a real Lamborghini look. I agree this would need the wing from the Countachs. Looking at all the carbon fiber they put inside,does it make it lighter than a Murcielago?
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    DiMora Natalia SLS 2 - $2m

    the Cizeta was also a V16 (from 2 V8), so it?s not that revolutionnary, concerning this car 2millions are way to expensive for something looking like that
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    London begins installing indestructible, camouflaged speed cameras!

    paintball gun, cheap, easy to use
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    Hulk Hogan's Son In High Speed Crash

    wow I don't know "RIDES" but are all the interviews that appalling, or was it just because they made a paper on a rich uneducated 17yo??? :blink:
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    London begins installing indestructible, camouflaged speed cameras!

    no need to use brutal force, this would be much cooler 8)
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    It's Offical: I'm Tired of Four-Cylinders

    do you need to love speed to be a car enthousiast? :rolleyes:
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    It's Offical: I'm Tired of Four-Cylinders

    In Europe the SX turbo has between 169 and 200bhp depending the version. So again a rear wheel drive 169hp and less than 1200kg car isn't slow at least for Europe, plus this car seems to handle quiet well. but if you want to go fast on a straight line I guess a big American V8 is the best deal...
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    It's Offical: I'm Tired of Four-Cylinders

    a 240sx isn't what you could call slow and compared to the cars you mentionned it's much lighter too so it got some advantages, besides last time I checked Canada had still speed limits. It's cool to know you've got a V8 or V6 but only if you can use it.
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    2009 Dodge Journey: Minivan For The Worldwide Masses

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZ fall asleep after the first two photos. It doesn't look bad or good , but my god is it boring to look at.
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    2009 Dodge Ram Spyshots - - News and Rumours

    why bother disguising a truck? It?s not as if it was going to have aheavy design change, the most important part of them is the engine performances and towing capacities.
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    Best Police Cars

    I would have agreed 15 years earlier, but know pretty much everyone can drive fast,and not only on the straight, thanks to the technology put in cars. Its not that the drivers from today are better than the ones before , I think it has more to do with the cars, take a Ferrari 348 or a 964 and...
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    Best Police Cars

    was the RS200 really used by the UK police or was it just a publicity stunt?(Sierra RS Cosworth being pulled out)
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    The most beautiful car ever

    I don't know why but If I had the cash for a Ferrari GT like the 612,575,599 etc I would take it in grey, black or bordeaux . Something a bit less flashy and more elegant. On the contrary , If it was a mid engine ferrari It would have to be bright red, yellow or white. it's still a very good...