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    Zenvo ST1: Danish supercar with 1104 BHP

    Looks wild. I really like. Too bad about all the fake honeycomb though, god I hate that stuff.
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    Unveiled: Hennessey shows off Supercharged 6.2L LS9 V8 squeezed into Camaro

    Probably can't put the power down because of its shitty suspension. Meh, if you like the true concept of a muscle car then I guess this fits the bill.
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    First they came for the fat-asses, and I said nothing; now they are after the tall.

    They do not make exit row seats with extra leg room by choice, it is that way by law and saftey standards. So charging people extra for them is just pure nonsense and greed-driven. And it's double-speak at its finest to suggest that, by charging tall people for these spaces now, they are...
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    "Chipped" credit cards: what's your take?

    False or not, I should think some real variation of it would be a prudent idea!
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    My new two-wheeled commuter (first brand new vehicle ever!)

    Something like that would be extremely awesome, except that wouldn't it still require that you always wear leathers, helmet, etc. like on a motorcycle? Plus, carrying anything other than a satchel would be impossible. Not to mention, you better have nice weather where you live.
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    Autoblog: Obama to announce Chrysler bankruptcy tomorrow

    I find that hard to believe, unless I saw a more detailed business model. You can't grow or sustain a company unless you make profits and retain earnings.
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    Autoblog: Obama to announce Chrysler bankruptcy tomorrow

    Besides the fact that running any company on the basis of 'benefiting the employees' is an absurd notion. No company exists with the sole purpose being to employ people. They exist to make money for the owners.
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    Autoblog: Obama to announce Chrysler bankruptcy tomorrow

    Just thought of something... isn't it a bit conflict of interest for a union to be running the company who's workers it represents? :confused:
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    London to pilot a GPS based speed limit system

    Ok, so what if you need an extra burst of power and speed to get out of a hazerdous situation? This may also be problematic for drivers who are used to being able to use the loud pedal in order to pass slower drivers, or beat a traffic light. They will be expecting more speed when instead...
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    10 sportscars for under 10k? : which would you pick?

    Is there any way to make a Miata not look like you're out to the hairdressers to get a touchup on your blonde streaks everytime you are out in it?
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    Do Your Part, Help Save The Big 3

    Except that buying a used car does nothing to support the brand.
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    New Star Trek Trailer

    Doesn't seem cheesy? Kirk is rushing out on his motorcycle to watch the Enterprise being built, on land...
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    Russia Turns a Cinematic Page in History

    Sounded great until this... Pardon? Was something lost in translation here or are they talking about the war of independance? Yeah, telling all Americans that the creation of their country was evil is really going to garner a lot of their support :rolleyes:.
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    "God Bless America"????????

    Why? North America and Britain have always embraced religion or spirituality, it's part of the culture and it's part of who we are. Most of us also possess the ability to not push our beliefs on other people, and to do our jobs objectively regardless. Belief in something greater than yourself...
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    World Perspective of Barack Obama

    I think the only thing that Obama will be remembered for is that he was the first black president. I think this because of just how much it has been mentioned. How great it is that America can elect an african-american. Well IMO, that's the wrong message to be sending and the wrong reasons to...