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    Dreaded cyclists

    My main problem right now with most of the cyclists I encounter is their attitude towards the law; they only follow when it suits them. They take up space, inconvenience others and break the law with little or no consequence. This seems to be more of a problem with the affluent areas and in-town.
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    The college/university thread

    Ultimately, it is all about money, regardless of any measure to artificially level the playing field. Wealthier parents will use their money to influence schools, regardless of whether their spawn have any merit. I wouldn't be opposed to this sort of measure to determine admissions based on...
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    Unveiled: 2019 Chevrolet Silverado

    Powering a big truck is too much for a turbo-four. I think there must be a reason European car makers use turbodiesel sixes for trucks and vans but, what I think is largely irrelevant to US buyers.
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    Welcome to XenForo

    Happy to see the forum back up and running. I was concerned after seeing it gone so long.
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    Ownership Verified: My new Panzertank (2006 Passat VR6)

    Wow, no updates on this car for a long time. Life has been busy and I'm going through some medical issues. New tyres were recently fitted to replace the ageing Goodyears that were on it before. After doing plenty of shopping around, I settled on the General GMAX AS-05. Initial impressions of the...
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    The "New Toys" Thread

    I recently bought an HTC U12+ to replace my aging and sickly HTC One M7. After five years of use, the battery was just too weak to allow even basic functions, without shutting off.
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    The Uxbridge English Dictionary - Share your Daffynitions Here

    Petrolhead (n) Individual with a jerry can for a head. Petrosexual (n) Individual who expresses love for an automobile.
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    Word association game

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    Terrorists strike yet again

    Trump isn't exactly an idiot, although he thinks everyone else is.
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    Unveiled: 2018 BMW X2

    BMW milking the cash cow again. For some reason, the styling reminds me too much of a Kia.
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    Unveiled: 2018 BMW X4

    This is another one of those stupid cars that tries to be everything, but ends up being nothing. Not the best looking or most practical, or best to drive. Nothing. Take it away from my vision.
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    Unveiled: 2017 VW Arteon

    When can I get one with a VR6 turbo?
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    Unveiled: 2017 BMW X3

    You buy a crossover when you don't know what else to buy. Crossovers are worse than than their wagon/estate counterparts in every practical way.
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    Ownership Verified: A4.3 - Codename Saudi

    Safe to say you got every penny out of the old pads and rotors.
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    My car gives noisy engine and no power

    You have a general failure to chooch. Have the mechanic fill up your blinker fluid, too.