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    My first car: '00 Mitsu Eclipse GS

    ^^^ yea.. but the new wheels and tires unfortuanately drained my entire bank account Banii - 2.4 L I4... no mods for the engine so far
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    My first car: '00 Mitsu Eclipse GS

    Update - New wheels and tires The tires are Yokohama Parada Spec-2 P225/40R18 Rims are Konig Hotswap 18x8
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    Your cyborg name

    fuck :wall:
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    [09x06] March 4th, 2007

    I don't think this is the last episode in this season. From the previews had a long time ago in their galleries, they showed hammond in the renault F1 car, a man vs. car feature, and the train crashing into car feature. So there still might be one more episode in this season unless...
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    300 .... the movie

    Trailer 1 Trailer 2 This is looking to be a good movie, can't wait. btw, anyone know the song used in both of the trailers?
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    So Jeremy finally bought a Gallardo Spider

    isn't the GT basically a british car? designed by a brit, suspension and chassis adjustments from lotus, steering, body, wheels etc.... apart from the engine.
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    TVR up for sale

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    How long do you have to live?

    Thursday Oct. 21, 2060 on normal mode that would make me 73
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    My first car: '00 Mitsu Eclipse GS

    And less than a month ago I got these Custom seats installed Blue suade inserts, black leather exterior with blue stitching and all round heated seats Total Cost: $0.00 :mrgreen: had them done by a close family friend for my B-day :D
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    Forza Motorsport....RIGHT NOW

    late Jan '07.... if it doesn't get bumped ... again
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    Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

    dude, that's an Audi Quattro if i'm not mistaken. but the paintjob is .... :sick:
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    Heroes [Spoilers, Duh]

    agreed :D Ya i've been watching it too and it is my favorite new tv series for the fall season. btw, what exactly are that stripper's powers? I'm struggling to figure it out exactly.
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    Guiness WR Dont Recognise The Veyron As Fastest Car

    ok, time to get into the boring physics part. The reason why a banked constant curve like Nardo is bad because a car isn't at it's fastest in a curve it's on an absolute straight cause as the wheels turn it creates more drag and thus slowing it down. A banked curve is even worse because it...
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    Guiness WR Dont Recognise The Veyron As Fastest Car

    that's where you're wrong, stock for stock a Koenigsegg (CCX or CCR) is still faster than the veyron. When the CCR tested it's top end speed it was on the Nardo track which is a continuous curve and on a slight bank. When the Veyron did it's "unofficial" test, it was on the VW test track which...
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    What's your car?

    lol, yea i'll admit I had some.... err a lot of help from parents so it's partially theirs as well. and if ur wondering the dealer asked for $11,950 but he sold it for $11,150 CDN.