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  • Cant you guys let me watch the Grand Prix in peace? :lol: I got back to my computer and it seems all hell has broken loose! PMs, discussion in the thread, someone even reported the post! (though the email was sent to me anyway...:p)

    Dull race though, Hamilton was never in danger of losing after turn one and it was a pity about Rosberg who would've come a solid second. Bloody Button though, somehow he always seems to pick up any good fortune that's lying around!
    Hi vikirad,

    I'd really like an invite to racing-underground, I'm a DTM and WRX fan and have no access to races...

    Hope it's no bother for you. THX!!!
    Vikirad, cum ti-ai convins colegii sa faca poza de ieri (parca)? Aceea cand epp_b zicea ca ai pozat o trupa.
    It dies with underscores in the email for reasons unknown. Sorry. Put your email in there without the _ and i'll edit the database. I have no idea why it does that..
    Ah, that was the same with me with school, I was supposed to go in 2006, but had to wait until last year. Now that I'm in university, it'll probably be 2012 or thereabouts before I go again.

    When you do go though, and if budget allows, try to go for the whole week, so you get the qualifying sessions, pitwalk and driver parade, it really adds to the whole experience.
    I have yeah, went to last years race, and it was pretty much the best week of my life. Absolutely epic. C'mon Audi and Aston!!! :)

    How about you, have you been?
    I dunno, if that was the case he'd be using chopsticks and chanting tribal songs all the time.:p His personality does seem to focus on mediaeval-style Eastern Europe. Not of any nation of any sort, just generally a manifestation of everything Americans see in movies around that region. He could even be from around Asia ala-Borat, which explains the horse obsession. Did he have a horse obsession? I can't remember.
    I just noticed something, you have the same name as the goat in Ed, Edd n' Eddy. Good memories as a kid, watching that show. I'm surprised I can still remember the name of the goat.:lol: You think Rolf is Romanian? It must be quite an insulting stereotype for you if that's the case. I mean, he does show Gypsy tendencies.
    Oh, I just said I decided to start joining in in the F1 games, and that I'll have Wikipedia ready. Nothing, really.
    Yeah, it's an incredibly expensive sport unfortunately :( A lot of talented drivers never get any higher than karting, because often it's all about connections and money rather than talent.

    It's really the same in Denmark. We don't really have a history of motorracing or any motorracing culture. So I have to go to the UK if I really want to make something of this, but like you I have to finish High School first :)
    I am trying to raise the funds for a test, yes. I would say tham I'm more of a sim-racer than a "real-life racer", but I want to make the jump from the virtual world to the real world. I attended a Formula BMW license course two years back, so I do have some experience :)

    Are you a racer as well?
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