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  • I was aware that F1 1991 was taken over by TMF/EViL, but, from what I read, MMG was still working on their 1994 mod, just at a slower pace than their 2007 and 2008 mods.

    Unless you've found an official announcement that I've more than likely missed (I've only just started taking a close look at what MMG is working on...)
    Nothing, really...
    ...Interesting question, though. I can't think of anything witty to say. :lol:
    Probably a spammer, but I'll let them actually spam before I ban. If they do spam, it'll get caught by our moderation queue, so not a big deal.
    No way I'd have known that... but a sheep chair is funny in any situation.
    I guessed you'd been studying for a while if that was the case - trust me you're doing a bang up job with it. I see worse spelling and grammar on here from people who claim English as a first language, never mind a second.

    And don't worry about the car - we all have to start somewhere and we drive whatever we can afford. Just keep working hard and your dream car will come one day. I got mine, then ruined it all by marrying and having 3 kids so the Impreza had to go and be replaced with a diseasal Fiat MPV!!!! Still get to have a bit of fum in the Ibiza FR, although that's also a diseasal but it pulls like a train and goes from 50-70mph in top faster than the last generation BMW M3!!!!!
    Two questions.
    1, If you live in Romania, how come your English is so good at such a young age? Are you an ex-pat?
    2. A Focus 1.8 diesel? To quote Clarkson "Your aspirations are pathetic!" (Kidding!)
    I've suddenly decided I'm going to take part in your F1 game thing. Brace yourself, I've got Wikipedia ready and I'm not afraid to use it...:p
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