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  • hello, are you mod ? can you approve my account so my posts show up ? i just made a sweet little discovery, though the Top Gear crowd might find it funny. thanks
    Holy Crap, you changed your avatar.

    Even though the new one is quite awesome, I feel like some fundamental, elemental law of God just got violated.
    Yo Viper, would it be possible for me to get access rights to change the name of the MA Meet-up thread? We're planning a few meetups over the summer, and I think it'd be easier to keep all the conversation/planning in the same thread. If I could change the thread title I'd just update the event name so people could see whats coming up next.
    Man, sorry for disturbing you...that?s because I couldn?t find a thread about Clarkson?s DVDs. I was wondering if you could help me with the name of the Intro Theme Song of His previous "Shootout" "Head to Head". Thanks very much!
    I have the entire series of Victory by Design with Alain de Cadanet. I would like to share it. Is this possible?
    Just wanted to say a BIG THANKS for all the top gear posts and info.
    Also thanks for James Mays big ideas...
    Richard Hammond has done a series similar called engineering connections, im finding it quite hard to get all the episodes.

    i have news of clarkson's latest DVD which by all accounts is a feature length mega budget epic shot all over europe and called THRILLER.
    ah, gotcha. I remember someone mentioned that all I had to do was ask an admin/mod but oh well.
    viper, can you make my rank (under the avatar) say "Equilibrio Perfetto"? Thanks!
    Hey Viper,

    I was curious if you knew a place to find AMA Superbike Torrents and F1/ARCA torrents? I have searched all over the new for about 30 minutes now and I saw your exact name on another forum, that pertained to AMA and thought I would ask you.

    Thanks in advance.
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