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  • many many thanks for the Season 2 pack torrent :D ...

    any chance of doing a Season 3 pack? Its by far the worst-supported season on the torrent sites... every other season is pretty okay, but man is season 3 just impossible.

    Happy belated birthday as well!
    I'm sorry, my RSS feed to Viper's profile must have not been bookmarked. :tease:

    Thanks for fixing the thread!
    Hello. so its essentially my fault for multitasking?

    where does it show the facebook pic?

    I just wanted to Thank you personally for all the hard work you do to bring us TG. Thanks

    Hey Viper,
    you are doing an awesome job. Dont let those selfish little shits spoil your day just because they cant get off their fat geek arses and get a rip themselves. This is still the best website that compliments the best show on TV

    Mossratt in Australia

    do you plan on creating a tread for 11x00 under TG whats that song? I know that it is black dyke or whatever, but some, aside from me, might be intested in the tracks.

    I try to be nice. I don't suffer fools gladly, but at the same time am not here to upset anyone and in the main believe in live and let live. I'll put forward a reasoned argument if I disagree strongly with someone, but I won't resort to cheap shots or stoop to insulting people - I'll say if I think someone is wrong, or point it out politely as I did to Icebone just now on my thread in the spoilers section, but I won't call someone an idiot just for having an alternative view to my own. Just here to add my own contribution and perspective to this already excellent resource - assimilated into the FinalGear collective if you will.
    Fair enough - just got carried away with the excitement. I will consider my wrist slapped. Best, Matt
    I guess my last post in the main TG forum was a bit of a faux pas - if so sorry as I am still quite new to this so please delete if appropriate. I did read the "Read me first" post in the Spoilers section before posting 'though so hopefully I haven't upset anyone. Best, Matt
    Just realised something..... You've just added to a couple of posts, but if you're on Portland then you're on either Pacific or Mountain time, so it's either 2 or 3 in the morning there. Are you an extremely early riser, or is it just that you haven't got around to going to bed yet?

    Nice pic btw, 'though I have to tell you I've had her and she was crap!! (KIDDING!!!)
    Hello Viper!:D
    Iv'e posted a thread in the wrong place, so could you move it into it's proper thread?
    Thanks in advance.

    P.S it's my last thread!
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