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    What reviews/guests do you guys want to see for Series 21

    P1 vs LaFerrari vs 918 Spyder!
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    Jeremy Clarkson's health

    Well now we should start threads about Jeremy's tits :D or Richard's hair style or the lovely shirt collection of James may
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    New RPC

    Some other sources I atm cannot remember, have said that it would be the Astra. Still it wouldn't hit the target price..
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    New RPC

    Looks a little bit like Vauxhall Astra, but the starting price is too much to be RPC.. Hmmm
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    [19x05] February 24th, 2013

    News and RR make it to 5. The rest didn't make me happy :(
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    [19x01] January 27th, 2013

    Good solid episode, eventhough Jeremys scripted P45 segment, to which I laugh'd couple of times. But one thing has to be said WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO HAMSTER?! He looks like he has gained 50 years in 1 year. Also May and Jezza look old as dinosaurs, but that we sort of knew And was it just...
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    Magnesium-ion batteries promise to be cheaper and more energy-dense than lithium-ion

    Seems legit, but have to see how fast and at what price they will come to cars
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    Joo tuli tuo huomattua, mutta eip? ole mahdollista min??n noina viikonloppuina osallistua :(
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    V?lill? sit? itekkin n?ille osioille eksyy.. Mites onko talvelle miitti? jo suunniiteilla vai meneek? jo ensi vuoden puolelle?
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    Lego Stig Keyring

    Yay! Just the right time cuz my sis is atm at London :P
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    New DB9, no more Virage

    I've lost sense with Aston, what the hell did they think when they designed 7 cars that look and are almost identical? And that also looks just like Virage...
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    Summer Rain Gear - what are you using?

    When I bought my racing suit I also bought Alpinestars RJ5 jacket and pants. Goes very well with the suit and also my with my touring gear. Keep you dry and stops wind very well!
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    2013 Volvo V40 R-Design

    Damn! Makes me want a Volvo
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    Does The Stig still use a Simpson Diamondback?

    You can always buy bigger or smaller pads for the helmet. For mine KBC and Arai helmets they have been around 40 euros, and they were cheek pads
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    Officially Official: Porsche releases 918 hybrid details, priced from $845,000!

    And like almost everyone else has said, best looking Porsche, in the world!