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    Guests you'd like to see in Series 19

    And Keke Rosberg then as well, in a father and son duel perhaps :D
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    The Great Adventures 5

    There is some more information about this on Top Gear: The Great Adventures Volume 5 (2 Discs), release date still the 26 of March India Special: Exclusive audio commentary with James May and crew Deleted scenes Supercars Across Italy: Extra Stig laps at Imola Race Track...
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    [17x07] December 28th, 2011 [India Special]

    40:06 - 40:17 - "The Stomp" by The Hives from RocknRolla OST and used in some previous Top Gear episodes as well if I remember right
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    [05x01] October 24th, 2004

    Thank you ever so much for this. I've been looking for it for a long time, the bass line is just simply groovy
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    Help finding Stig Power Lap song

    Could it be from this thread: this song, Chas & Dave - Rabbit:
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    Top Gear: The Great Adventures Vol.3 - Blu-Ray release up for preorder!

    Yes, I just received it and have already watched it. As a quick summary the Bolivia special is even better than the original tv version, more bantering between James, Jeremy and Richard and more cocking about. Though only some 10-15 minutes longer, that makes a difference :) And the commentary...
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    Top Gear: The Great Adventures Vol.3 - Blu-Ray release up for preorder! But please do check this one! It has the additional info. Can't be absolutely sure though, but sounds good. Especially: DVD Extras include an exclusive commentary with James May, Andy Wilman and Crew.
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    [14x04] December 6th, 2009

    For the jump I'd vote for the same equipment they used to launch the stripped out Jag from the aircraft carrier and they used it also when playing car darts. :cool:
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    Who on the forums is surprised the majority of TG jokes are scripted?

    And for those who haven't yet checked Kate Silverton interviewing Jeremy and Andy at the Edinburgh international television festival, well, here's a link for you to do so :cool: The interview gives quite nice information considering the making of the show...
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    James May: New Lego & Meccano Engineering Series

    Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant! Eagerly waiting for the next episodes... :)
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    The Stig: Where's STIG

    Woohoo! I just received my copy of "Where's Stig" from :cool: USS Stig :rofl: Now that's a lot of Stig
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    James May: New Lego & Meccano Engineering Series

    Since we are in the subject of Lego, I just have to post this link, 'cause I found these quite fun and cool. :cool: 30-classic-music-albums-recreated-with-lego And wouldn't it be quite fun to recreate an episode of Top Gear in lego :lol: or Lego Top Gear videogame ;)
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    Random funny screencaps (no 56k)

    And if I remember right, the camera that was inside the trailer was in that corner, so it could be something to do with that, couldn't it. ;)
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    James May: Music in James May on the Moon

    The one in the intro of preview video is Elbow - One day like this