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    Volvo S80 / pictures

    Ehh..I doesnt look that bad. Indeed, the overhang is a bit...big and the front is kinda boring. But remember that Volvos arent very sexy. Waiting to see the safety features. If it does not exceed there, there's no point in even considering it.
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    [08x04] October 31st, 2005

    Yeah, you're right, I shouldn't have even bothered answering her(?). As for the episode, I cant wait anymore. When's it.....landing?
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    [08x04] October 31st, 2005

    ^^ :ban?: Who are you to talk like that to all of us?? How do you know no one on this forum cant driver better than the slow Vicki? But then again, what do you expect to hear from someone with such a nickname...? And also, since when it is forbidden to critise someone? For some...
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    [08x02] October 17th, 2005

    I guess it was summed up really well so far. Zonda F looks and sounds amazing. The sound of that F1 car is mind blowing. Vicki is getting fatter and uglier and she doesnt know how to drive. The Lexus segment was boring for me. The sign post crashing was OK. Overall, decent episode...
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    America's high performance luxury cars

    A Cadillac V-series and a .....Ford Focus ( :P ) are the only american cars I'd ever buy. I love the CTS-V. STS and the other one (forgot the name, lol) seem awesome, too.
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    24th online race, BW was really nice. I went there a few years ago ( 2-3 years ago actually) and I liked it. Really? :shock: 8)
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    Top Gear - Series 7 (Starts Nov 13th, 2005)

    Nah...I dont hate Sabine. It's just that I wouldn't have liked her instead of Jeremy (for several reasons.) Anyway, I think everybody is happy that JC is still presenting. :)
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    24th online race, BW I've been very close to that: the romanian part of the black sea. :tease:
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    Top Gear - Series 7 (Starts Nov 13th, 2005) new presenter (no Sabine)!!! :thumbsup:
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    24th online race, BW

    Ohh, nice. :)
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    24th online race, BW

    Where did you go? Turkey, Romania or what other country? Just curious. :roll:
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    The Funny Maths Thread.. which sometimes contains mildly amusing pictures

    Is the white car (near the blue mazda) a Dacia? :lol: I'm pretty sure. Not a big of a difference between the camel and that car. I mean: Camel- about 1/2, maybe 1 hp Dacia (that one) 45-55 hp. :mrgreen:
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    Woohoo! Veyron isn't 'just' the fastest production car!!

    I agree with you ezrollers. Ahem...pollution? :(
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    Clarkson: The Eco-Mentalist

    The article was very good. However..I still dont understand why you guys praise Clarkson so much. You act like he's more than an idol... like a god- and that's not good. I'm a huge fan of Clarkson "the journalist" but he's still a "love or hate" (or both) person. :unsure:
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    Woohoo! Veyron isn't 'just' the fastest production car!!

    I'm sorry but I'm afraid you dont know what each one is. Global Warming was never called Acid Rain. Acid Rain, first of all, is not the same thing with Global Warming. They may have the same causes but definetely not the same effects. At this moment, Acid Rain is not yet a major problem...