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    BMW M5 vs Audi RS4

    as an e60 m5 owner, i love the adjustability of the car. you need it because it allows you to set up the car for the type of driving you are doing at the moment. for instance, when driving around town, i want the car to be as soft as possible, smooth and careless to drive. thus i keep the...
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    BMW using technology to answer a question nobody asked.

    these type of post just piss me off. it's not overly engineered. it's actually very convinient. i have a bmw with an electronic dipstick. all you have to fuck*** do is read the damn manual to figure out how to use. it's so damn simple. you press a button and just wait like 2-3 minutes and you...
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    Nothing like a good ol' battle of German heavyweights!

    how did i know the result before i even read it. i own an m5 and also live in the city. everybody always complaint about the smg and i-drive which i think is the cars strongest points. the smg is fantastic. i live in the chicago, downtown, and have yet to complain about the tranny. granted it's...
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    M5, S6, E63 or something else?

    for someone who has an m5, i think i can give some good advice. the car is unbelievably fast, comfortable, and easy to drive. it's really like having two cars, that morph when you hit the ///M button. also, for all those complaining about it being too complicated, none of these people have...