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    Free photo editing software

    I use free stuff too. I use photoshop ;)
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    What game consoles do you own?

    I got an XBOX recently I now have SC: PT, PGR and PGR2 with XBOX Live. Gamertag - Watling I've had a PS2 and Gamecube but i got bored with them. PS2 was just boring and Nintendo was slow at bringing stuff out and not many good games were comin out. THey should have pomoted it alot more.
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    NEC Motorshow - Birmingham 27th May - 6th June

    I think i am going on the 27th. Whos there? Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd -DB9 Aston Trading Ltd BBC Top Gear magazine and Lamborghini Bentley Motors Chrysler & Jeep Farboud Ltd Ferrari/Maserati - 612 Scaglietti, Quattroporte, GranSport Invicta Car Co Ltd, The Jaguar Lamborghini London Lotus Cars...
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    two good online car games

    Or you can go to this one This one is a bit better as u ccan tune the cars with Turbos and stuff and u actuallly get to race them
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    Its a fine day

    Im in my I.T. lesson right now posting on here and not doing any work because i've finished ages ago. Also were finishin shcool like 2 hours early for some reason
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    Favorite Car?

    Enzo maybe i dunno