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    Post your Achievements - New Jobs, Academic......

    Took on something of a promotion at work. Im now a Technical Advisor for the dealership I work for. I say something of a promotion because its pretty much the same job I do already just with a flashy title. Does mean a bit less time working on cars and more time speaking with customers about...
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    Ownership Verified: WellsieTRD's 07 Subaru Liberty GT Spec B

    So in January this year, I finaly decided it was time to put my old Surf out to pasture. And here's what I replaced it with. 2007 Subaru Liberty GT Spec B 6spd manual. Got little bit lucky with this one as these things are a bit hard to come by and usually have fairly high k's, high being over...
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    2017 Spanish Grand Prix

    Was certainly a mighty effort from Alonso to get up to p7. I want to believe this could be a turning point for the team, but wishful thinking most likely. Guess we'll find out in a few hours
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    Random Thoughts....

    Cheers guys, good to see there are some familiar faces around here still Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Random Thoughts....

    So I was just thinking to myself "I wonder if my final gear account login still works?". Turns out it still does :) So yeah, hi guys and girls. Been a while :wave:
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    This site is a decade old later this month

    Good to see this place is still kicking on. :cheers: Happy 10th Birthday Finalgear :cheers:
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    Australian V8 Supercars

    Agreed, moffs is the better looking of the bunch. Just thought it would be cool to have classic DJ liveries on the grid.
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    Australian V8 Supercars

    Loving the retro liveries. DJR really need to do a retro Greens Tuff livery to go with the Tru Blu one.
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    Thanks Ash! :D

    Thanks Ash! :D
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    The RC Cars/Planes/Boats/Helis thread

    TT-01's are a pretty good entry level on road chassis. Id be going for the TT-01R or D spec as, if memory serves, more adjustments available.
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    Australian V8 Supercars

    Am I alone in thinking that the Triple8 cars look awful this year?
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    Journalism hits rock bottom - 'car enthusiasts' labelled as criminals

    As far as im aware, turbo diesels are exempt in qld as well EDIT:
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    The Music Thread

    Standup Bass in rock music is awesome
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    Diecast Models

    My first diecast model Minichamps Red Bull RB7 (Mark Webbers) 1:18th
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    The RC Cars/Planes/Boats/Helis thread

    Painted up this body a few weeks ago Ignore the huge wheel offset and wheelbase, chassis was set up for another body shell