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    [07x02] March 28th, 2005

    02:45 - 03:31 - Zero 7 - Look Up :D I finally got back into the site!
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    [05x05] November 21st, 2004

    They're the same songs, Hendrix's d's and e's looked almost alike. :?
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    [05x05] November 21st, 2004

    Well, actually I'm the one that never updates my signature :wink:
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    [05x05] November 21st, 2004

    Hehe, well Eric Clapton played in Derek and the Dominoes, Cream, and of course, Eric Clapton. It's by technicality his song, so he can do whatever he wants with it. Lots of great music in this episode. Yeah, I'm back now.
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    Did Toyota compete in the World Rally Championship?

    Oh boy did they ever do good too, 14th out of 16. :lol:
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    where the hell is the new M roadster??

    Nothing on BMW's press site indicates any "M4" activity, but we'll see at NAIAS if there's any progress...
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    Ford GT argument/discussion

    The Lightning is a cool Truck, shut up.
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    Ford GT argument/discussion

    He Thinks its overhyped, which it is. But For many enthusiasts, its an old friend coming back. :mrgreen:
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    Ballistic Missile Shield

    English owned you and you never saw the transaction!
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    What's your REALISTIC dream car? (under ~$40k US)

    TVR T350c Or...Anything else made by TVR.
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    Ford GT argument/discussion

    Well...Odds are most people havent heard of the Koenigsegg...Plus, they haven't tested the CCR.. It just seems better to say it beats the Enzo and the SLR
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    Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

    PA only requires Rear Plates...and you can even put em in your back window.
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    Post a pic of yourself

    You're right, my arms arent that short.
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    Post a pic of yourself

    Thats one of me.