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    The Grand Tour

    I know it's not really relevant to the discussion - except to highlight how CHM can riff on a subject - but this has has to be one of my favourite interviews they ever did because it included the question 'What's the best car to have sex in'. 4:15 onwards
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    Chris Evans quits the show

    S24 is meant to kick off filming in September and the BBC has been 'on the verge' of signing LeBlanc for a few weeks now. Le Blanc has a new sitcom going into production ..guess when...September. This audience website gives filming dates every week for Man with A Plan from the 5th August until...
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    Chris Evans quits the show

    This...exactly I have nothing against Sabine..she's a great driver, but her difficulty in making her words spoken in English sound natural and coupled with the fact that with the presence of Harris and the Stig, her talents appear to be superfluous to the line-up.
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    Random Thoughts CHM edition

    Wow Skylock...have only just read all this thread. Hope things are still progressing well for you...
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    Chris Evans quits the show

    Yes, you're probably right, although the argument that the show needs a woman to attract women (or maybe more men!) is another thing altogether. Personally I find it patronising in the extreme...
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    Chris Evans quits the show

    Chris Evans has been pushing for Matt Le Blanc to become lead presenter.... ...but to my mind that would be a mistake and shows that...
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    Chris Evans quits the show

    I have very little sympathy with Evans. He took on TG seemingly with very little consideration of what it actually meant, which, as he classed CHM as friends seemed rather odd. His penchant for then trash-talking CHM whenever he went on the offensive was appalling. My only sympathy lies in the...
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    James May: Building Cars Live

    I'm not sure about this ...why this obsession with 'Live!' If anything doesn't need to be live it's a production line for a's not as if there's any jeopardy...'if they don't get this gearbox in in the next 30 seconds they'll get eaten by lions' or whatever. However James will be in 7th...
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    Jeremy Clarkson Suspended Over Fracas

    This, exactly. There is nothing worse than watching presenters trying to appear to be naturally bantering...Jodie Kidd and Quintin Willson on the 'Classic Car Show' are a case in point - their in-studio, on the couch 'chats' are excruciating. The TG team were given space to grow into their...
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    Reminiscences & Musing Recent Events - Former Stig, Ben Collins

    I know lots of people think this is a PR stunt...but the question is Why? TG didn't need the had emerged from the wreckage of Argentina seemingly with sympathy on it's side, S22 had been launched to a huge worldwide fanfare and the series itself seemed on track to be one of the best. It...
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    Jeremy Clarkson Suspended Over Fracas

    It appears that the BBC wants Richard and James to return to do the voiceovers for the unseen films They are now saying that there are just 2 half hour films available - so it is possible that they are not using...
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    Would I lie to you Series 9, Hammond

    He filmed this a couple of days after Jeremy's suspension. According to tweeters present in the audience he was ragged solidly by the other panelists for the entire 2 hours of filming. Should be interesting.
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    Clarkson: The Weekly Times Comment Column by Jeremy Thread

    Yes I agree with you totally. I'm sure (or hope) he has apologised privately to the team and his co-presenters for screwing up their lives comprehensively but if you are a 'broadcaster' then they are not the most important people, your viewers are...we are your 'raison d'etre' the ones who have...
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    Jeremy Clarkson Suspended Over Fracas

    I cannot see either Richard or James going it alone on TG...together with another presenter they might stand a chance if Wilman is still in charge. If Alan Yentob would seriously like that to happen then presumably he's asked them to come up with suggestions for who they might like to work with...
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    It is now a race for BBC to get new Top Gear out before the boys setup shop

    Perfectly put. I have assumed that he's been told to stay schtum until the Police decide whether they are going to prosecute or not but as time goes on the lack of any statement from him makes him seem a far lesser man than I want to remember him as.