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    [01x07] November 10th, 2008

    i gave it a 7 the i thing i like most about TGau is they seem to fit a lot more into a shorter show then TGuk without being too rushed, TGuk segmants seem to go on to long this season, they need to put another review in
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    Clarkson: Clarkson's "Thriller" DVD - discussion thread

    i gave it a 7 not as good as some of his other dvds but still entertaining and made me smile a few times also does anybody know the music at the start - we need a whats that song thread for presenter shows, there was a song in last years i could'nt find out
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    Clarkson: Outrage over Clarkson's 'sick' prostitutes joke

    im more concerned about the dog not wearing a seatbelt lol and im a truck driver and i wet my self laughing i think people should find a hobby if they have so much time on there hands to conplain
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    [11x06] July 27th, 2008

    yeah i had to double check the 3 cars the germans were in were lhd
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    [11x06] July 27th, 2008

    1 thing i noticed when i watched the top gear v d moter part again was it was supposed to be filmed in belgium but nearly every car was right hand drive, most of the left hand drive cars in it only come in left hand drive(bowlers,9ff,corvette) all the cars in the double deckers race were rhd...
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    [11x06] July 27th, 2008

    i noticed when watching the second time that sabine had a big dent in the side of her mini, i wonder how that happened
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    TG at the British Motor Show

    i went on friday (25th) the show was brill
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    british motor show / top gear cars

    just to let everybody know, the three cars used in the top gear police challange are on display at the british motor show at excel london til the 3rd of august also you can get the stig t-shirts
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    James May: Top Gear back in October [The Season 12 News Thread]

    according to james may on the radio today, top gear will be back the second or third week in october :D:D:D:D:D Edit by Viper: It's been confirmed that it will be the third week. .
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    [13x06] February 25th, 2008

    cheers mate thats well cool :):):):):):):):):)
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    [13x06] February 25th, 2008

    yes sorry the third gt-r pic with the sun setting
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    [13x06] February 25th, 2008

    hay there Pharoahe looked on your blog,have you got a bigger pic of the the car with the sunset behind it would make a cool wallpaper
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    request - mesh

    yeah the digimods one was the only one i had too
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    request - mesh

    thanks that has helped me soooo much i only had one sample and it looked bad on all my chops:D