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    2016 Belgian Grand Prix

    Awesome this circuit Daniel and Webber on the podium was great haha
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    2015 Hungary GP

    Oh how good F1 is when the Merc's have issue's :) Well done to Vetel and well said at the end about JB I was expecting a boring race but it ended up to be awesome As for Maldonado haha damn Glad to see Alonso in 5th :) and yeh..poor Kimi
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    2015 British Grand Prix

    Hoping for rain here..getting sleepy watching this after the first round of stops
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    2015 Malaysian Grand Prix

    Great to see Ferrari win again :)
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    Well done to Daniel, so happy for him Alonso, Lewis lol awesome, one more lap Nico may of had them awesome race at the start, boring in the middle for a little while and then great at the end
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    Typical Monaco..crazy in the last 5 laps well done to Nico, Lewis and Ricciardo
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    2013 Brazilian GP

    ahh just needed a little bit of rain through the race. thx for the memories Mark Webber, nice to see him drive the car without the helmet hehe :) I don't think i have ever seen someone drive a F1 car like that Great drive Button bye bye v8's but im kinda glad this season is over
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    2013 Formula 1 Gran Premio d'Italia

    Strong drive by Vettel, Alonso and by Mark Loved the booing at the end by the massive crowd, Vettel should expect this at nearly every race now :)
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    2013 Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix

    lol don't know i just didn't see it the same way as some, sorry
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    2013 Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix

    thank god for the mute button when that prick wins, hopefully one day he crashes when he goes for these fastest laps towards the end of the race. Boring race apart from watching both Mclaren's fighting on the track Also great drive by well done to both Lotus cars, Di Resta and to Alonso even...
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    2013 Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix

    Is this the same version of the race track they used last year or is this a shorter version which we saw a few years ago or am i just seeing things? :)
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    2013 Formula 1 UBS Chinese Grand Prix

    Well done Alonso, Kimmi and Lewis. bah to Vettel, thank god you ain't on the podium :)
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    2013 Malaysian Grand Prix

    oohhh thanks buddy, awkward podium at the end. Can't wait to read about what happened after the race now.
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    2013 Malaysian Grand Prix

    What did Mark say to Vettel at the end? didn't quite catch it
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    2013 Malaysian Grand Prix

    I really do feel for Nico, so stupid but i guess both redbull and Merc GP drivers will be given a good talking to after the race. Good race, i was hoping for more rain :) Great drive Mark and great start for once.