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    Need notebook buying advice.

    Since its the beginning of a new school year I'm in the need of a new notebook and I can't decide what to buy. It should have 13-14" antiglare screen, usb 3.0, a decent graphics card that could play games on market right now, and the price should stay under 900?. I have been thinking about asus...
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    Best Car Museums in the World

    Museum Sinsheim and Technik Museum Speyer are probably the best were I have been to. Also in the same Bayer area BMW museum was good.
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    Cool Videos

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    Cool Videos

    Quite a good commercial
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    The Meme Thread

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    Cool Videos

    Kind of an old video but Still funny, hope its not a repost.
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    Cool Videos

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    The Funny Maths Thread.. which sometimes contains mildly amusing pictures

    Switch lives with pacman!
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    Post Your Watches

    I almost bought the 1st one you got, looks really good for the price.
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    Post Your Watches

    Got myself a new watch! together with the old one
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    Explain your avatar

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    Cool Videos

    hope its not a repost
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    Post Your Watches

    Seems so, as you can see the anchor seems to be like the fake one on both breitling watches. Pictures are really blurry so I can't be sure. Also
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    Cool Videos