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    Top Gear 3 set for USA show

    2-3 hours of jegs ads and sponsored builds... woooohooooo heh Just look at the stellar personalities they hire. If you want to know what will happen just look at what happened with Scrapheap Challenge. Junkyard Mega-Wars was quite the american steaming pile. Look for more of the same.
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    [09x04] February 18th, 2007

    I fully agree, it went on painfully long as well. It's a horrible new direction.
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    [10x03] October 9th, 2006

    garbage season so far garbage season so far Looks like you're one of the only people. They've taken arguably one of their best seasons ans unlearnt everything. It's a cross between an american carshow and a sitcom now.
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    [10x01] September 25th, 2006

    ugh.. ugh.. By adding a host who's there to "look pretty" but knows nothing about the show they've managed to make it near unwatchable. I'm not sure what market they're going for.. Perhaps they figure that they have VBH for the boys so they added him for the girls ? VBH more than deserves to...
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    [09x10] July 3rd, 2006

    Already up Already up On filelist though, if you have an account grab it. :)