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    [13x07] August 2nd, 2009

    It may sound stupid but i hope the VXR8 Bathurst they review has 19 inch wheels instead of the optional 21 inch wheels as Top Gear Australia proved that the VXR8 Bathurst is over 2 seconds a lap faster on the 19 inch wheels.
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    Which SIABSC for series 3??

    or maybe someone like Steve Waugh who is universally known and loved by everyone.
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    Which SIABSC for series 3??

    Some people who are not associated with SBS would be nice.
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    TGA Ratings

    Its a pity as with those ratings i can't see the show being renewed (as Top Gear Australia would be very expense to create). I live in hope though.
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    [02x08] June 29th, 2009

    I hope they will but m not confident. If there is a season 3 it will be better than season 2 as James, Warren and Steve were begining to gel quite well. I enjoyed the episode and their weren't any cringe worthy moments. I loved the Porsche review, thought the luxury car reviews was good and...
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    The Stig: Stig sketch on Chaser's War

    It probably won't but i would love to see this get a mention on Top Gear. People need to know which Stig's are fake and which ones are the real deal :D
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    [02x07] June 22nd, 2009

    Why is it that a episode discussion thread takes nearly 12 hours to be created? Wouldn't it be smarter to make this thread as soon as the episode is finished?
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    Joint Challenge Ideas

    I would love to see a crossover episode (or 2). Clarkson/Hammond/May vs Brown/Pizzati/Morrison Burn something at the begining of the episode and call it "The Ashes". Make it a bit like the Top Gear episode vs the 3 Germans except much more epic :)
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    Assuming there's going to be a Series 3 ...

    If there is a season 3 we have to get a crossover episode Clarkson/Hammond/May vs Brown/Pizzati/Morrison Burn something at the begining of the episode and call it "The Ashes".
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    Top Gear Show/Site Suggestions

    Id love to see all 3 presenters do a course with race cones (something that requires good car control and agility) then i would record each presenters time. Then they should get really drunk (something like (0.10) and get them to do the race course again to see just how much their skills have...
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    TGA Ratings

    Monday 7:30 is a horror time slot as the other channels bring out their big gun programming. Maybe SBS should conisder a moving Top Gear to Tuesday 7:30pm instead.
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    [02x05] June 8th, 2009

    Best episode of the year. Other than the scripted combi bit the episode was close to perfect.
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    James Morrison talks to TV Tonight

    Ford F150. Clarkson said it was the worst "car" he had ever driven.
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    [02x01] May 11th, 2009

    Dont forget (in regard to ratings) that some states had the AFL on.
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    [02x01] May 11th, 2009 - Episode Discussion

    Since no one has created a thread for the post airing discussion of episode 02x01 i thought id create this thread for all discussion related to this episode until a proper thread i created.