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    Car-Related Lyrics Thread

    Shutdown by The Beach Boys. The whole Li'l Deuce Coupe album, for that matter: Ykmekz9--t8 Pedal's to the floor, hear the dual quads drink, And now the four-thirteen's lead is startin' to shrink. He's powered by ram induction but it's understood I got a fuel injected engine sittin' under my hood...
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    It's been 15 years...

    It was a very sad day for motorsport. First Barrichello's accident, then Ratzenberger's death, and to top it all off, Senna's fatal crash. I remember seeing Senna's head move about in the cockpit, lifeless, and knowing in that very instant that there was nothing the emergency crews that were...
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    Seat Exeo

    While I don't share Vltros' general dislike about SEATs (I believe they're pretty competitive in their niche, which is way below Audi and VW), I'm also not a great fan of the Exeo. My fear is that this may be the beginning of a new age for the smallest brands in the VW groups, where in-house...
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    My Focus SVT (ST170)

    That's a nice car you have. Looks well taken care of too. Only thing I don't like is the color. The first gen Focus really looked the best in Racing Blue, but that's just personal preference. Aesthetics aside, that is really a brilliant car, congrats!
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    Guess that car game

    We have a winner: it was indeed an Opel Manta A GT/E
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    Guess that car game

    All wrong, but you're getting closer.
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    Guess that car game

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    Guess that car game

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    No 56k: Post Your Desktop!

    The desktop on my new Samsung NC10:
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    Guess that car game

    That must be a Renault 17.
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    The HP/Tonne Thread

    100 HP / 1110 Kg = 90.1 HP per tonne.
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    My new Fiesta 1.6 Sport

    Gracias! :) Better late than never :P In the end I have grown fond of black, and don't regret at all having chosen it. I think it's a color that really suits the character of the car. Of course, right now the paint is not as pristine as it was in those photos. But it's a fact of life: People...
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    2006 Ford Fiesta S 1.6 TDci

    As you and Vltros point out, the 1.6 petrol in the Focus is not exactly brilliant, probably due to the extra weight and a gearbox more suited to highway cruising than to mountain-road bashes. This doesn't mean it can't move the car (top speed is somewhere around the 180 kph mark) but it doesn't...
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    2006 Ford Fiesta S 1.6 TDci

    Welcome to the Fiesta S club :) It's exactly the same as mine, except I have the 100HP petrol version (I prefer the rev-happy nature of the petrol engine). A blast to drive, and probably the best of both worlds, since I hear the TDCi engine is quite frugal. Certainly the petrol one isn't :lol:
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    I'm sorry but the ones I have are the ones you were pointed at in the "Subtitle Project" thread...

    I'm sorry but the ones I have are the ones you were pointed at in the "Subtitle Project" thread. I'm also looking for a decent set of subtitles for those episodes. If I can't find them, I may go ahead and do them myself, but that is going to take time, something that I don't have much of right...