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    Great cities for exotic car watching - Tokyo

    Santa monica boulevard?
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    Top Gear - Series 7 (Starts Nov 13th, 2005)

    In the latest TG Mag JC drove the AMV8, the first car he drove since his ban by his doctor. It's not like he can't do 'normal' car tests anyway.
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    What codecs do you use to watch TG/FG?

    You're talking about AVIcodec yes? It works but doesnt seem to help me.
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    What codecs do you use to watch TG/FG?

    Well for example virtual dub, I can't use the ffdshow codec to open up TG files. And in PS Imageready i think it prevents me from using some avi files.
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    What codecs do you use to watch TG/FG?

    A long time ago some user recommended I use a codec called ffdshow for my videos but I realise it limits me from using other video-related utilities. I'd like to know which codecs you use. I remember using DivX for TG videos before and the videos would hang 2 seconds in, subsequently resulting...
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    London......My New Destination.

    I'm planning to do a similiar course next year. 4 year Meng but still not sure in what. Prolly mechanical engineering..
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    Do any of you Sudoku?

    It truely is the bomb, good for brain exercise before exams..
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    Do any of you Sudoku?

    Incase you're naive or been lost in some island of the coast of Papua New Guinea in the past 6 months, there's this number puzzle game which is taking the world by storm (excuse my corniness). Anyway yeah, the rules are simple, billions of free puzzles here -
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    Post your computer desk

    I dunno what to say Andy I'm envious. I've always loved small cosy apartments, there's a sense of security you get. Damn I'm jealous!
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    Who The Sitg Is? IMHO

    Although I hate the idea that the stig is many people it's quite true he is. But what if they only used a 'fake' stig for that renault thing? It can also be argued that tiff needle actually tested the a formula 1 car on top gear many many years ago.
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    Porsche Challenge

    I really like the 944. I'm really interested in buying one. I'll consider what you said janstett, thanks a lot.
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    Found Stiggy T-shirts!

    Isn't 24USD a bit too expensive.
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    Found Stiggy T-shirts!

    oh nenervmind, i found out there's black and blue.
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    Found Stiggy T-shirts!

    it says blue but i can't tell from the picture. how blue is it?
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    How long will Jeremy last?

    only way to kill an immortal man is by decapitation his head.