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Thread: Pictures: Alpine Meet 2017

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    Pictures: Alpine Meet 2017

    Meet thread is here in case you have no idea what these pics are about.

    I have to confess I drifted away from FG some time in last November and never came back. Other interests and so on. But last Thursday I found the word "Finalgear" in my calender. Oh hello, let's have a look into the forums then. And for sure, the Alpine meet was already going on. Oops. But hey, I had time for the next two days, so I booked a hotel room on short notice, threw my skis and my boots into my car and off I went early the following morning. Spontaneous stuff is my kind of stuff.

    Day 1 of 2, Friday March 10th 2017, roaring into Austria:

    Meet the crew: (left to right) MWF, Beni's compagnion, Beni, DaBoom

    Meet the scenery: Nauders, Austria, close to the Swiss border:

    A Finalgear staple: Taking pictures of other people taking pictures:

    Skiing was great and so I basicly forgot to take more pictures, so this is us already at the end of the first day, packing up my Audi S6 and Beni's (or was it already Mikko's?) Mitsubishi Pajero (I assume, I'm not very adept in SUV's).

    Of course as I like these things, Castle Nauders:

    Day 2 of 2, Saturday March 11th 2017, morning map discussions, this day we were in Samnaun, Switzerland.

    It has to be noted, we were already one man short, MWF took this day off the skis. For a ski beginner a full day on the slopes is a hard workout and so this was quite understandable. Sadly this meant I didn't saw him again this day. Some other time, mate.

    Technical discussion between the snowboard fraction:

    Again, awesome weather. We hit the right dates this time.

    A Finn knows how to walk into a shot:

    And Beni knows how to pose:

    And for sure great days go by quickly. Packing up again at late afternoon, and in my case already saying goodbyes.

    I was heading home straight away. Only 180 kilometers to go, so no biggie...

    ... but since Samnaun has a curious 'duty-free' status the petrol is very cheap there. Comes to a tick over 1 Euro per liter of V-power. For sure I went for a fill-up:

    A dirty ride is a given on salty roads...

    ... so my banger got a wash the next day. A treat that doesn't happen very often in my careless-motoring world.

    Was a nice ski trip. Very very spontaneous and on very short notice in my case, but hey atleast I was there.
    See ya next year!
    Greetings, lip
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    Great, thank you!

    I only really took two phone pics :

    DaBoom and Lip on the slopes


    And a bad picture of the Mazda at the place we had a great lunch on the way back

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    Cool trip, thanks for sharing the pics!

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