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  1. Maeday

    Random Thoughts....

    Just got back to Spain after a long weekend in France. I guess the food was TOO good, as since I've been back I haven't been able to keep anything down. Lord I need my mommy.
  2. Maeday

    TG News segments...

    I've always enjoyed the segment; as others have said the banter is usually pretty amusing. But the News segment for the Ukraine episode almost put me off the segment forever. Very flat, no one seemed to have any energy, and then Hammond's final punchline after they're joking about Queen...
  3. Maeday

    Random Thoughts (Top gear Edition)

    Hello! Long time no see forum people. I haven't been on in a while because..well...I moved to a different continent! Now living in Spain and teaching English. I found some gifs here for a blog post on Top Gear and realized I missed it here! Have I missed any drama?
  4. Maeday

    Random Thoughts....

    That's funny, I noticed I was getting more stupid "take this quiz/let me add your birthday" crap on there, after I chose the setting to block all that. It's super annoying, since you get a little excited when you have a notification, then realize you friend wants you to guess what personality...
  5. Maeday

    Random Thoughts....

    Oh god, yeah. I gotta work on my witty repartee so I'm remembered for that, not just dat azz haha.
  6. Maeday

    First World Problems thread

    Oh god I did this the other day as well. At work I parked on one side of our narrow parking lot, and at the end of the day, came out to find it parked perfectly in between the lines on the opposite side. Thought I'd lost my mind, then thought someone had pulled a Ferris Bueller in it. Realized...
  7. Maeday

    Random Thoughts....

    Aw I'm sorry PB, my condolences. As someone mentioned, just hold on to the memories. I'm sure she was quite the lady. And thanks for the welcome everybody!
  8. Maeday

    Random Thoughts....

    Oh wow, can barely remember how to work this thing.... Anyways, hi guys! It seems the universe has punished me for being away from FG for a year or more, by aging my knees 40 years. I'm 24 and they ache all the time. Better post more
  9. Maeday

    The best smells ever

    Oh good one I'll third fresh cut grass whiskey and coke Bulgari men's soap hay My Calvin Klein perfume (reminds me of my trip to NOLA Mardi Gras crazzzzy times) Sunscreen after it's been baking on your skin for a few hours
  10. Maeday

    The "Things that annoy me" thread

    I don't know if you've posted about your roommate before, but does she regularly do stuff like this? Have you talked to her about KEEPING HER DIRTY HANDS off your stuff? Sorry I just get really testy when people mess with my stuff, and I feel for ya.
  11. Maeday

    English native speakers, pronounce "sour cream"

    When my accent comes out (it comes out more when I have "attitude") I say something like "sire cream". When my accent goes out it sounds like "sow-er"
  12. Maeday

    Random Thoughts....

    You probably already know this, but there's a big caution light over the U.S. right now. Especially since you aren't a specialist, you will find it hard to get a job, you will be overworked and underpaid, and have subpar health insurance.
  13. Maeday


    I resigned from Team Clams remember? :cool:
  14. Maeday


    I do appreciate the thought, but its about more than the same geography can be found 100 miles away. Hell where im from I can find green pastures similar to England just 10 miles from my home. I want a different culture and history. Besides I've been all over the US so i know the drill, and...
  15. Maeday


    We have done that in the past, but I don't think I've heard it in the last few years, though definitely correct me if I'm wrong. I could've sworn they say "Super Bowl champs" in regards to football. Perhaps we've gotten our heads outta our asses....except for the World Series thing.
  16. Maeday

    Random Thoughts....

    Dang i thought Texas was bad
  17. Maeday


    Yes I definitely would miss Tex-Mex, but I think the quality of Indian and other Asian foods would make up for it. Ditto on the ancient buildings as well. This lack is especially blatant in the Houston area, which likes to bulldoze over everything old. And comedy there did seem smarter, but...
  18. Maeday


    Oh crap you're completely right. I really don't mean to mix those things up, I know how important they are. Let's just say, Britphile (oh god that is terrible) Anywho being from Texas, your weather sounds divine. As much as I love lots of warm weather, I could go for a rainy, cool place...
  19. Maeday


    I had a funny thought, to find out other people's thought on England. Crazy I know! UK restrictions on working visas are very strict. At the present I have no skills that many other British do not, which, as much as MWF was joking, makes marriage to a British guy, or becoming a dentist...
  20. Maeday

    College Football. Does anybody watch?

    I might be alone in this, looking through the thread but.........GOOOOO HORNSSS HOOK 'EM BABY YEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH Burnt orange is the most beautiful color....IN THE WORLD