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  1. Dogbert

    Ownership Verified: Insert "Beat" Pun Here

    Behold! Bask in the magnificent, tiny splendor of the third Honda Beat ever to roll on United States soil. For a size reference, it's smaller than a VW Mk1 Caddy. I'm more interested in what questions people have about it, rather than droning on and on about how great it is. Also, the...
  2. Dogbert

    "The Rab... wait, that's a Rabbit?"

    A VW-enthusiastic coworker sent me a local CL ad for a 1981 VW Rabbit Truck, which I had never even heard of before, and said it might be a laugh to buy this and asked if I could even imagine owning one. Three days later... well, yes, it is a laugh. He went with me on the test drive for moral...
  3. Dogbert

    Car Modifying, the DMCA, and You
  4. Dogbert

    Laguna Seca Meetup Nov 28-30

    So I'll be in San Francisco and Monterey after Thanksgiving until December, participating in a Skip Barber school at Laguna Seca. I encourage anyone in the area to come out one of the three days I'm at Laguna Seca and watch me crashnot crash.
  5. Dogbert

    Need legal advice after accident

    So I'm pulling out of the Animal Protective Association after my shift ends at about 5. Being that this is rush hour on the main thoroughfare through this part of the city, traffic is regularly stopped at the intersection at the bottom of that map. On this occasion, traffic was backed up...
  6. Dogbert

    New York/Philly

    I'll be bouncing back and forth between the two on vacation from the 11th to the 17th. If anyone wants to make a meetup out of it, particularly if you're going to the Bouncing Souls shows at First Unitarian, we'll make it happen.
  7. Dogbert

    Mazda2 vs. Ford Fiesta

    I've narrowed my new car search down to those two. Particularly, a Mazda2 Touring vs. a Fiesta Hatchback SE. Some important bullet points that I've found in my search so far: - There are only six manual transmission Mazda2's within 200 miles of St. Louis, and the only Touring spec was just...
  8. Dogbert

    Last Space Shuttle Launch Meetup

    Sure, why not? July 8th.
  9. Dogbert

    Dogbert's Fifth Annual Child's Play Birthday Fundraiser

    Those of you who already know what this is, click here to be awesome again. :D So as some of you remember from last year (thanks to everyone who donated!), I hold a Child's Play fundraiser for my birthday in lieu of a party every year. Last year we raised $490 (!) for Child's Play, and this...
  10. Dogbert

    Rock Band 3

    Who has it and wants to play? I need some encouragement to go out and buy it. SIDE NOTE: If anyone has Rock Band 2, tell me. I haven't played online in ages.
  11. Dogbert

    Facebook: Car Town

    I've given up my long and up-until-now-unwavering boycott of Facebook games for this. Does anyone else play?
  12. Dogbert

    Autoblog: Your new Chevy Volt, only $41,000
  13. Dogbert

    Why liberals should love the Second Amendment

    via Daily Kos
  14. Dogbert

    Happy 25th Birthday, Discovery Channel!

    Post your favorite Discovery network videos! Thanks for making the world just awesome. Love, People who like intellectually stimulating TV
  15. Dogbert

    Dogbert's '10 Child's Play Birthday Fundraiser

    So ever since my 21st birthday, I've been having donation drives for Child's Play. And this year (the fourth year) is no exception. I've raised over $1,000 so far from the entire thing, and I'm hoping this year to raise another $300. I'm doing this through the Causes app on Facebook. I don't...
  16. Dogbert

    Recent trouble with transmission

    After the latest autocross, my transmission has seemed like it's needed extra clutch and a gentle touch to shift with ease; otherwise, it shudders like I'm not giving enough clutch when I drive what used to be normally. Now, I felt a very slight pop while I was driving yesterday, and it seems...
  17. Dogbert

    No 56k: 12 Hours of Sebring + Lake Okeechobee

    So my girlfriend and I went down to Florida for the week for the 12 Hours of Sebring race and an airboat ride on Lake Okeechobee. This is a mix of pictures taken between her and I. Enjoy! And my girlfriend's mom's dog for good measure. These are all...
  18. Dogbert

    No 56k: The Space Shuttle Thread

    So as most of you probably know, this is the last year for Space Shuttle missions. The Bush administration sought to kill the Shuttle program after the Columbia disaster, and replace it with the ill-conceived Constellation program, which is now dead. The Shuttle program was irreversibly...
  19. Dogbert

    240SX Time Attack Build

    It's begun. :evil: Five stage process. Stage I: Make it run. Stage II: Make it safe. Stage III: Make it handle. Stage IV: Make it fast. Stage V: Make it pretty. We're in Stage II. It goes off to Izzy's Custom Cages on Friday for two weeks to have its eight-point cage done, it's interior...
  20. Dogbert

    Cruise ship docks at private beach in Haiti for barbeque and water sports