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    Someone Else's Problem: Slowbaru impossibru: My 2005 Subaru Impreza 1.5 Sports Wagon

    Enter my first JDM import car, which also marks the first occasion of buying a working AWD car. This is effectively the Demio replacement, which in a way was the Xsara replacement: a largely redundant car bought for the heck of it. Some time ago a bunch of cars were bought in time for the ice...
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    Icetrack Meet 2022: Konkurs d'Elegance

    Time to start off the photo thread for this year's Finnmeet, as almost all participants have safely made it home! More pics incoming.
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    Unverified Ownership My 2021 Korean 38kWh Appliances (Toaster Electric & Moomin EV)

    So, uh … welcome to the future? Yes, it’s me! With a factory new car! One that’s even (accidentally) specced to my taste. How can it be? Well, as I outlined in the Volvo thread, I need a good, reliable car to get to work. Work is almost 50 miles from where I live. Sometimes I work from home...
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    Desert Island Discs and discussion

    I’m not sure if we’ve had one of these threads before, but surely everyone is familiar with the concept of Desert Island Discs? The idea, at least in the British radio programme, is that you pick eight songs that you would be happy listening to on a desert island. For thread-making purposes and...
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    Someone Else's Problem: Everyday Is Like Sunday Cup: My 1998 Mazda Demio

    I made it til March before buying a car in 2021. As you probably remember, I’ve had a few Mazdas in my time, and there’s just something about ‘90s Mazdas that really appeals to me. It’s the feel they have, the simplicity combined with mechanical stoutness yet with a dose of character that not...
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    Someone Else's Problem: Les Undesirables - 2000 Citroën Xsara 1.6i Berline

    The other day I bought two sets of tires for my project Neon. You're thinking, right, what does that have to do with a Citroën? The deal is that the tires belonged to @Posambique's family heirloom Xsara, which he wanted to get rid of. It was bought new by his granddad, and it was handed down a...
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    Ownership Verified: Neon Genesis Evangelion: My 1995 Chrysler Neon SE

    This one has been a long time coming. I've gradually developed a sympathy for Neons. There's an entire subcontext here how they represent an actually optimistic design in the short valley of Not Terrible, which took place post-Cold War, post-early-1990s recession, but pre-2001. Just to put it...
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    Someone Else's Problem: Einstuerzende SWEbauten - My 2005 Volvo XC70 D5

    So! Last year, I took an office job that’s an hour’s drive away from home. I’ve been grinding that road in the hand-me-down W203 for half a year now, accumulating 20,000 km in that time. While the Benz is a good car that does a drive like that with no complaints, I’ve been wanting to get a more...
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    Someone Else's Problem: Where we are going, we might not need four wheel drive... '94 Fiat Panda 1000 "Cosi"

    Where we are going, we might not need four wheel drive... '94 Fiat Panda 1000 "Cosi" {"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"https:\/\/\/wwkh8ZQ.jpg"} I haven’t bought a car in ages. With the FinalGear Balkan Roadtrip™ coming up soon, I felt like getting a roadtrip car from...
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    2018 Not Volvo Exotic Dancer Coupe

    There, got the super original stripper joke out in the headline already. Polestar 1, 592 horsepower hybrid, claimed 1000Nm of torkue. Will be sold under the Polestar name and not Volvo, despite looking like the Volvo Concept Coupe. I like it! Edit: More pics
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    1997 100k Dream Car Garage

    GOOD NEWS EVERYONE It's 1997. This means internet speeds are crappier, but everything else is awesome in a late 1990s way. A lot of great cars are available new, and a great fortune of 100k has fallen onto your lap, largely due to the same magical powers that have thrown you into the year...
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    Post your automotive nemesis

    Do you know what Nemesis means? Etc... For every one of us, I'm sure there's one specific car you hate in one specific colour that just nails it. I've always been at odds with every little bit about the way the Focus was styled, and I think the saloon version is the worst iteration. I've now...
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    Your 25k challenge garage

    We've had this thread a million times, so I figured I'd rehash it at the Random Auto section. Anyways, Lastsoul asked me yesterday, over a beer and the Maserati TC in mind, that if I had 25k to spend on anything, which cars I would go for. The discussion didn't really go anywhere, since I just...
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    Ownership Verified: Our 1994 Daimler Six 4.0: ?1000 Brexit Express that's Not a Jag

    Here it is, the journey-proven stalwart bought from eBay for a grand. Ever since the UK roadtrip idea started brewing amongst us, there was a thought of buying something random from the classifieds and using that to do the trip. Obviously for the longest time there really wasn?t a clear-cut...
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    Ownership Verified: My 1992 Peugeot 405 Mi16

    Freshly acquired, here's my new winterbeater / running project car / tow car. It's a 1992 Peugeot 405 Mi16, one of the finest European front-wheel-drive sports saloons of its time. (Go on, count all the competitors.) It has a 1.9-litre 16-valve XU four with 148 horsepower, the same engine as the...
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    Ownership Verified: My 1990 Ford Sierra CVH

    Another maroon car joins the fleet! It has to be said, some lighting conditions do bring out the brown in this one. But in spirit, the Belgian-built blob I just bought is one of luokyio's wafty Frog brethren. Today, in glorious summer sunshine, I walked a few kilometers to a...
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    No 56k: How the West Was Won and Where It Got Us or public goes america (photodump)

    GREETINGS A little while ago we did the long-awaited bookings of tickets and ended up in LA via Copenhagen, accommodated by the amiable altoid. Since I had my camera with me, along with my phone, I ended up taking some 2000 photos during the ten-day trip. I whittled it all down to less than 80...
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    Ownership Verified: My 1997 Citro?n Xantia Athena Break

    It is happening? again. It is happening? again. What do you know? I seem to be back in the four-car fleet again, this time with something incredibly useable and practical. And as long as I've owned a car of any sort, I've known a Citro?n would be in the cards sometime in the future. As with...
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    What Bugged You About Every Car You Ever Had?

    No matter how good your car is to you, with a little thinking you can distill it down to two sentences, two polar opposites: one positive, one negative. There's always one major selling point that really gets to you, and the one major ? or minor ? flaw that absolutely gets to you when you drive...
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    Ownership Verified: My 1986 Volkswagen Polo Classic

    It's getting interesting, isn't it? A couple of days ago, a guy I know tipped me off that there's a near-abandoned Volkswagen Polo sitting on the side of a road in my town. Claimed to be low-mileage and been in the same family from new, it had developed engine issues some time ago and left at a...