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  1. cmb1981

    TV Show: Mr. Robot

    Full pilot episode Dexter Durden with a dragon tattoo. Quite enjoyable.
  2. cmb1981

    My new conveyance appliance

    Beige is a tad garish, so I went with white.
  3. cmb1981

    Your Highness

    I wasn't a big fan of Pineapple Express, but this looks pretty funny.
  4. cmb1981

    Sports Videos

    Awesome, strange, comical et cetera. No clue as to what is happening, but it looks awesome. Desean Jackson twitching away. Hubris
  5. cmb1981

    Zombie Football/Soccer *flash game*

    It's quite addictive. stuck at level 10..
  6. cmb1981

    Cop Out

    I was certain this movie would be utter shit, but the trailer reveals some actually funny.
  7. cmb1981

    Comedy videos: Stand-up, Sketch et al...

    I realize these could probably be placed in Cool Videos, but I thought a separate thread for comedy would be a worthwhile endeavor.
  8. cmb1981

    Coyotes useless at being radiators

    It's rather gross...