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  1. Labcoatguy

    Ownership Verified: Going green: 2006 Saab 9-5 Sportcombi (wagon)

    If all goes well, within the next week I will own a house in the countryside with a lot of garage space. It's also a convenient excuse for me to get another car, in this case a Saab 9-5 estate with the "Dame Edna" facelift and a 2.3 inline-4 turbo engine with 260 horsepower. Automatic, alas, but...
  2. Labcoatguy

    Someone Else's Problem: I just can't quit them: 2001 Toyota MR2 Spyder, heavily modified.

    After selling my 2ZZ Mk1, I still kept an eye on Spyderchat and other boards for 2ZZ Spyders in good condition. This one came up in Richmond VA with all the right parts (6-speed transmission with LSD, baffled oil pan, whole bunch of chassis bracing) and a few others that are beyond what I...
  3. Labcoatguy

    Ownership Verified: Finally: 2001 Jaguar XKR coupe.

    After years of looking, dreaming, and drooling, I finally have one. (proof pic incoming) The good: -Damn it's good-looking -Damn it's fast -Damn that V8 roars (rear muffler delete) -Damn it's comfortable after a long drive home The bad: -Damn those supercharger bearings shouldn't be...
  4. Labcoatguy

    Last of the hatchbacks: 2002 Saab 9-3 SE 5-door

    Found this mechanically sound low-mileage southern car at a dealership in DC and snatched it up quickly. Plenty quick stock, but it's quiet and a bit soft, so I'm already planning mods.
  5. Labcoatguy

    Noises from front end

    With the car off and turning the wheel back and forth, I get knocking noises from the front suspension that I can feel through the floor. Also, it still pulls to one side or another after a series of alignments. I'm suspecting ball joints and/or tie rod ends; does that sound right? This is the Saab.
  6. Labcoatguy

    The vintage, retro, and generally old video/computer games thread

    Groundrules (meant to be flexible): for computer games, any game that wouldn't run on modern OSes without some sort of emulation or some sort of open-source port (see: Doom, Freespace2). For console games, I'll leave it to someone who knows in more detail. My current obsessions: Always happy...
  7. Labcoatguy

    Mk1 2ZZ swap that used to work fine now won't rev above 5k?

    Posted this on the Spyderchat forums too, but figured worth a shot here if there's any secret Toyota tuning experts around. Situation: 1988 Mk1 MR2 with a 2ZZ swap from previous owner, has been running fine for about two years, kicking into lift like whoa as expected. All stock electronics...
  8. Labcoatguy

    Mongrel engine swaps: improving classic cars

    Lots of classic cars have engines that are woefully outdated by modern standards and are just begging for a swap with something modern. Sometimes it happens for real, like with the Toyota-Yamaha 2ZZ-GE that went into my Mk1 MR2. I'm also thinking about those mongrel cars like the Iso Grifo and...
  9. Labcoatguy

    China: Shanghai and Xian

    Pics of cars that caught my attention for one reason or another. Xian is a desert manufacturing town with big roads and open spaces, kinda like some places in Texas. And yet somebody there bought this. Chinese rice. It makes sense that we'd do it too. The Dodge Dart is badged as a Fiat...
  10. Labcoatguy

    A tribute to Final Gear on Jalopnik! (written by one of our own)

    How A 'Pirate' Top Gear Fan Site Forever Changed The Way We Watched Car TV :jeremy::james::richard:
  11. Labcoatguy

    What dog goes with your car?

    The Jaaaaag: a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Low to the ground and with royal appointment to Her Majesty the Queen. The Saab: a Swedish Vallhund. A herding dog that is, incidentally, related to the corgi, it is like an obscure hipster corgi. The MR2: A shiba inu, of course. Wow. Such JDM. Very Japan.
  12. Labcoatguy

    Ownership Verified: Trifecta complete: 1988 Toyota MR2 with 2004 Celica GT-S engine/transmission swap

    I just drove it home from Baltimore, and boy was it a loud, fast, and tingly experience. Proof pic and other info to come soon.
  13. Labcoatguy

    Lemurs roaming free: Duke Lemur Center

    The Duke Lemur Center has the occasional event where it allows groups of lemurs to roam free in the nearby woods to forage, and a small number of photographers are allowed to mingle with them. This time around, sifakas were the most gregarious, but a few ruff and ringtail lemurs made...
  14. Labcoatguy

    British by the Sea, New London, CT

    Supercharged Sprite. Lol Scotland. Bristol! Not bad. :clarkson: Morgans give me wood. Love the variety of hood ornaments on old Triumphs. The hood of a DB4. Eskie! And of course, my humble Jag.
  15. Labcoatguy

    The "Questions for Spectre" thread

    Figured I'd start this as it'll become a regular feature of Jag ownership. To begin: Is there a good place to get mesh grilles for the XJ that's less pricey than Mina Gallery? Whatever is behind the lower bumper grille looks pretty vulnerable and I want to give it some protection from the...
  16. Labcoatguy

    Ownership Verified: 1995 Jaguar XJR manual

    Driving it home now. For now, here are some teaser pics. Turns out argatoga's old MG shift knob fits perfectly.
  17. Labcoatguy

    US East Coast Warship Tour, map proposal, date TBD

    I've put together a map with locations of 14 major museum ships on the US East Coast, stretching all the way from Boston to Charleston SC. The neat thing about this road trip is that most locations have at least two ships very close to each other, so you can make a complete circuit of the route...
  18. Labcoatguy

    After motherboard upgrade, wifi NICs stop working, but wired LAN still works

    I recently upgraded a Sandy Bridge desktop to an AMD setup with a new motherboard and CPU, also upgrading the GPU in the process, but with the rest of the system (and software, including an install of Windows 7 Professional x64 ) remaining the same. Somehow, in the process of upgrading, my PCIe...
  19. Labcoatguy

    Antique Car Day at Larz Anderson

    Their definition of antique car is over 25 years old, which means that Fieros and Grand Nationals now count. Then again, we are seeing Nirvana appear on classic rock radio, so we gotta roll with the times.