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  1. Momentum57

    Prediction 2021!

    This is it the big thread of New Years Predictions. Yes for some time I your seer of seers has the predictions that your can count on in the upcoming year. You can add your predictions as well. Prediction: Republicans acquiesce to climate change consensus. While there will be disent the...
  2. Momentum57

    GM - Our Electric Future is... we're going to show just a bit...

    GM had a science fair to tell wall street some stuff So they supposably shared "unprecedented details about its plans to roll out next-generation all-electric vehicles, starting next...
  3. Momentum57

    Documentary Now! on IFC

    Documentary Now! is a mockumentary television series on IFC, created by and starring Saturday Night Live alumni Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, Seth Meyers and director Rhys Thomas. Helen Mirren serves as host for the series 50 years of Documentary Now! as though it were on PBS and similar to...
  4. Momentum57

    WHAT DOES A MOMENTUM57 BUY? Next car? First Wagon? Hatchback of Note? A NEW MONDEO?

    So I am playing with getting a new vehicle. Nothing wrong with the X-type (knock on wood) but approaching 125k and idk new car. So talk me out of buying a 2011 Honda Accord Crosstour? Here are my factors for your deliberated consideration and advice: $20K to play with but leaving some in my...
  5. Momentum57

    FORD: The American Experience

    Last night I watched an engrossing documentary on Henry Ford, part of PBS's The American Experience. I highly recommend watching it to everyone on this forum. It is an amazing story illustrating how one man changed the world through tyranny of will but ripped his soul open in the process...
  6. Momentum57

    Spoilers: 2012 - predictions for the new year

    Alright having just seen how some of the world has passed into... THE FUTURE!!! im thinking what do you think will this new year bring. I have five predictions for 2012 below 5. Android users will learn how annoying it was for them to use voice search on their smartphone as apple users go...
  7. Momentum57

    Guess the cost on X-Type damage

    Minor accident had a collision on my passenger side - Damage to both the front and rear door, back quarter panel, and rocker panel. So my question to you what do you think it will cost. I don't think that it is totaled but see if you can ballpark the number. After the assessment and after the...
  8. Momentum57

    British PM in Iraq (looks like Dukakis)

    I am sure that he had some really intelligent things to say, however....
  9. Momentum57

    Dispatches: Britian's Bad Housing: American questions

    I just watched this program, I have several questions and was hoping that some of our UK citizens could help me. The program was on the poor quality and actions of private companies in building houses. The crux of the program seemed to be that the government should build houses. The program...
  10. Momentum57

    Terrorist caught with help from Tourture

    A great victory has been struck in the war on terror when Aafia Siddiqui was captured. Her name had been procured from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed the architect of the 9/11 attacks. Saddiqui from a rich family attended MIT and husband came to the attention of the FBI from his night vision and armor...
  11. Momentum57

    And nowww yourrr Starrrting Lineup (Cars Brands are waiting for to make their lineup)

    Ok simple premise each brand has a plan of how they will achieve a complete line up of new and refreshed vehicles. This plan usually only seen by the higher ups and the average consumer is concerned with specific vehicles. If you can outline a brand that you have familiarity with on either...
  12. Momentum57

    John Adams HBO

    I just downloaded the first two episodes and awaiting the third on advice of my sister. HBO pulled out the stops for Tom Hanks to produce one hell of series and Paul Giamatti leads a great cast. Is anyone else watching this and what do you think of Adams wife.
  13. Momentum57

    Whores and Powerful men go toether chocolate and peanut butter. Hey you got whore on

    How the mighty have fallen, this isn't a Democrat or Republican thing this is just an asshole thing. I mean 80,000 dollars in sex is just too much even with discretion. Guess Client 6 was the riches man in England a one Gerald Cavendish The Duke of Westminster
  14. Momentum57


    is anyone having trouble with Quicksilverscreen
  15. Momentum57

    Cheap Ferrari

    The new hotness and its only like 180 dollars which isnt bad.
  16. Momentum57

    Syracuse, Rochester and Upstate NY

    Sunday, September 23 will be Camp Good Days' 2nd Annual "Road Rallye"!!! No matter the weather, it is sure to be a great drive through the BEAUTIFUL Finger Lakes Region! The rallye will end at Camp's Recreational Facility on Keuka Lake where we will enjoy a picnic lunch and tour the facility...
  17. Momentum57

    Leno on Clarkson.

    So Leno did a guest contribution on Clarkson's Times article. A possible introduction for the British public to an American Top Gear Host?
  18. Momentum57

    Horrable Horrific Accident Photos

    Well many like posting photos of vehicles. Although if you like looking at accidents, and not rubbernecking, post your photos here. I have to submit this local photo of a Nissan Altima. The drive hit a guard rail and impaled the car straight through, like a hot dog for the campfire...
  19. Momentum57

    High fives lead to death

    Virginia's overcrowded Kilmer Middle School adopted a zero-tolerance policy toward touching: No poking. No prodding. No hugging. A 13-year-old boy almost got detention for putting his arm around his girlfriend. His parents want the school board to review the rule. You get into shades of grey...
  20. Momentum57

    Leftlane starts Forums that suck doornobs

    Just wanted to say to all those who noticed that Leftlane started a forum. Also it is to be known that it sucks. It is not user friendly and thinks im underage. Although flattering if i was after children it is absolutely useless to me if i wanted to post a comment. To correct it i took...