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  1. Lambos r4ever

    Schumacher Returns! (On second thought, no he doesn't)

    Of course not, you are probably thinking about Wilt Chamberlain :P
  2. Lambos r4ever

    Updated Mazda RX-8 Headed for Frankfurt Motor Show

    I don't think you appreciate the seriousness of the situation. To "look both ways and be prepared to run like hell" did not apply whatsoever when a teen ran through a stop sign (right turn) from behind at >30 mph.
  3. Lambos r4ever

    Updated Mazda RX-8 Headed for Frankfurt Motor Show

    The people in this thread need to realize how many people crossing the road safely get run over by teens, drunks and bad drivers. I've had some terrible personal experience with that.
  4. Lambos r4ever

    NBA Playoffs 2009 Thread

    With Garnett out and the Western conference being weaker than past years, I think the Lakers can just waltz their way into a championship. What do you guys think?
  5. Lambos r4ever

    Buying laptop, help please!

    lol soon prizrak. I usually start to over analyze when ordering expensive stuff (read-I'm cheap)
  6. Lambos r4ever

    Buying laptop, help please!

    Thanks guys, yeah I meant to say 1280x800 resolution. I guess I'll order the HP dv5 shortly.
  7. Lambos r4ever

    Buying laptop, help please!

    Thanks for the help guys. Looks like I'm getting a better idea now.
  8. Lambos r4ever

    Buying laptop, help please!

    Hi guys I've done some research on laptops, but I just have 3 specific questions. I'll start with my priorities: - Definitely not a gamer, but love watching HD - Want to take it to college, not for classes but just for the library as a mild distraction - Preferably under $800 OK so here are my...
  9. Lambos r4ever

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    :roflmao: +1
  10. Lambos r4ever

    2009 Formula 1 Pre-Season Thread

    People! You need to realize what a humongous company TATA really is. They don't just deal with cars. Also it's never a bad idea to expand Ferrari advertising to a budding F1 market like India.
  11. Lambos r4ever

    the Interceptor's general AUDIO thread

    I have no cash right now, but I am interested in seeing reviews for an imaginary budget of around $500 in US. Or is that too low? Probably just watch movies in surround sound. PS -I haz nothing right now
  12. Lambos r4ever

    the Interceptor's general AUDIO thread

    Hey interceptor, can you suggest a good website on speakers? (specifically home theater)
  13. Lambos r4ever

    Hammond: Richard Hammond's Engineering Connections

    Is this it?
  14. Lambos r4ever

    Help me decide on new headphones

    I currently have a pair of the PX 200 (older brother of PMX 200?) and the sound isolation is essentially non-existent, although others cannot hear my music. I trust the reviews from this site:
  15. Lambos r4ever

    HDTV purchase likely

    Just my experience, I ordered a 47" refurb Toshiba from tigerdirect and I've had no problems. About plasmas, aren't you concerned about the image burn-in?
  16. Lambos r4ever

    HDTV purchase likely

    Hey Smib, Tigerdirect has a lot of good deals. How about this?
  17. Lambos r4ever

    Who do you think will win the American elections?

    Dwight Schrute, book it.
  18. Lambos r4ever

    No 56k: Wallpaper Collection Thread [56k takes the Prius]

    Thanks d-fence, btw is this real?
  19. Lambos r4ever

    Aston Martin

    This car needed a power upgrade: "Aston Martin is giving its V8 Vantage a host of upgrades for 2009 highlighted by a larger V8 engine with more power. Originally displacing 4.3 liters, the V8 has been bored and stroked to 4.7 liters for an 11% increase in power to 420 bhp and a 15% increase in...