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  1. Jeepin

    Talk me out of buying a Monaro

    Thanks for all the input. As far as it not being an LS2 doesn't bother me as the LS1 is a proven performer with tons of go fast goodies on the market. Plus after driving SUVs and cheap econoboxes, this thing is great as far as performance and speed goes. I did a once over of the car and it...
  2. Jeepin

    Talk me out of buying a Monaro

    Really theres 3 things keeping me on the fence about it: 1. it will put my insurance through the roof, right now I only have a Grand Cherokee on my policy so its not bad. Its my Daily Driver right now and I would keep that for winter. the wrangler isn't really street driven and I imagine it...
  3. Jeepin

    Talk me out of buying a Monaro

    Well I went and looked at a 2004 Pontiac GTO today (rebaged, left hand drive Monaro). Its got the 5.7L LS1, all options except the auto, and just over 52,000 miles . I took it for a test drive and it was SWEET!:D got back to the dealer and he said it could be mine for $14.5K. Now I know the gas...
  4. Jeepin

    The one that got away

    When I was about 14 a woman up the street was selling her dead husbands 72 dodge charger it had a rebuilt 340 small block and a 4-speed for $1200. But my parents flat refused saying I would kill myself or someone else with that as a first car. I saw it at a drag strip a few years later and it...
  5. Jeepin

    Clarkson: Jeremy Clarkson hates you Americans

    Its the George Carlin rule of comedy if you hit everyone no one can be mad for being singled out. Besides he makes fun of the French and Germans alot more:-P
  6. Jeepin

    XGames 2008 - Rally

    He was on the list of invitied drivers, and Adam Corolla mentioned going to the x-games to watch Tanner on his show a few weeks ago. I dont see why the defending champion wouldn't be there, unless something has happened?
  7. Jeepin

    You know you watch too much Top Gear when...

    I found my self saying aluminum (AL-u-min-ium) the other day to some confused faces.
  8. Jeepin

    Who'd you want for SIARPC?

    Honestly I think Tim Allen would be great. Really anyone who really loves cars is good for this segment
  9. Jeepin

    Any one into cryptozoology?

    Clarifying before this gets out of hand, of course it can be fake I personally do not know where the picture came from I merely found it on another forum and wanted to know what it was, the title is really more of a joke.:) *edit- the picture is alittle suspect cause the whatchamahoosit is...
  10. Jeepin

    Any one into cryptozoology?

    What the hell is this? it was said it washed ashore in Montauk, Long Island. I'm at a loss to what it is, anyone know? original Thread
  11. Jeepin

    Top Gear - The most pirated tv torrent

    not really suprising. I am suprised to see Burn Notice on there. I just recently got into that show. And I love Psych, good to see it on there.
  12. Jeepin

    Your biggest Top Gear gripe?

    x2 Its still entertaining isn't it. if it bothers you that much dont watch. there will still be 249,999,999 viewers
  13. Jeepin

    One small problem with Gumpert Apollo's lap time

    I think you guys missed the point, on the road it is raised and then you lower it back down when you get to the track? why do you need to be able to corner at 140mph on the road?
  14. Jeepin

    Spoilers: Tickets for the Show

    You do know that he's a D1 drift champion right? that being said I am really looking forward to this, and I hope it does well
  15. Jeepin

    New Dodge Challenger SRT-8 in the flesh

    Local Dealer had one for $25k over MSRP and it was gone in 12 hours :lol:
  16. Jeepin

    Drink up!

    Beer- Sam Adams or Killian's Liquor- Jack Daniel's Mix- Jager-bombs
  17. Jeepin

    My money pit

    if this thing had half shafts I would be replacing them pulling it on to the trailer, its got solid axles. Live axle? I think thats the word else where. as for the motor its not all that special its the iron block aluminum headed truck version of the LS-series used in Tahoes and Escalades. I...
  18. Jeepin

    My money pit

    So I spent the morning in the garage trying to test fit the new shafts in the rear only to discover the inner wheel bearing is toast. I'm thinking one of the seals had been bad allowing mud and water inside the axle tube. This just keeps getting more costly:mad: on a better note I got a new DD...
  19. Jeepin

    Jesse Jackson wants to cut Obamas nuts off!!

    I haven't seen this posted here yet zS883xWTKOg *cliffnotes Jesse Jackson was going to appear on fox news and while waiting he was talking to a fellow guest and was unaware his microphone was on.:lol: serves him right
  20. Jeepin

    FASTEST car you've driven

    So probably 11.00-10.50 for a full run, hope he has a rollcage. I watched a guy run an 11.49 and get kicked off the track cause a any car running sub 11.5 needs a 'cage. Seemed a little ridiculous for .01 sec faster but saftey is saftey