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  1. Mills

    No 56k: '04 Cooper S

    Although hardly a new car, I thought I would finally add my Mini to the mix. Bought in 2004, now at nearly 96k miles. Most obvious question, is it reliable? Yes, very. Repairs so far post warranty, replaced battery, replaced front lower control arm bushings, and tie rod ends, fixed faulty rear...
  2. Mills

    Unveiled: 2013 Porsche Boxster "Power is predictably (in a good way) up with the latest base model offering 265 hp from its 2.7-liter direct-injection flat-six. The Boxster S squeezes an additional five horsepower out of its now...
  3. Mills

    Quantum Levitation

  4. Mills

    C-type, D-type, Cunningham C4R, and Shelby Daytona Coupe

    Today at the Simeone museum in Philly. These are the real deal, not replicas. The Daytona is the famous ex Phil Spector car, the Cunningham is one of three built.