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  1. Lambos r4ever

    Buying laptop, help please!

    Hi guys I've done some research on laptops, but I just have 3 specific questions. I'll start with my priorities: - Definitely not a gamer, but love watching HD - Want to take it to college, not for classes but just for the library as a mild distraction - Preferably under $800 OK so here are my...
  2. Lambos r4ever

    Upgrading my cpu

    Hey guys, I want to upgrade my cpu from core D to an E6x00/E4x00 core 2 duo (I want to play 1080p video). I have this Socket 775 motherboard: My desktop -...
  3. Lambos r4ever

    Car auctions in NY/NJ/Conn. area?

    Can you guys recommend any good used car auctions (open to public) in the tri-state area? I know someone who is looking to spend around $5000 on a Honda/Toyota in a few weeks time. Thanks.
  4. Lambos r4ever

    Clutch slave cylinder

    While I was on my way to school, my car was running fine until the clutch pedal completely lost feel and fell into the floor. It turns out there was a problem with the slave cylinder. I want to ask you guys how would you know if the cylinder is deteriorating and what could be the causes of it...
  5. Lambos r4ever

    India's Tata backs air-power car

    An engineer has promised that within a year he will start selling a car in India that runs on compressed air, producing no emissions at all in towns. The OneCAT will be a five-seater with a glass fibre body, weighing just 350kg and could cost just over ?2,500. The project is being backed by...
  6. Lambos r4ever

    Jay Leno's reason why...

    ... the Chevy Tahoe won the "Green car of the year".
  7. Lambos r4ever

    First time driving during snow season

    I have a question about highway driving, usually around here the snow is removed pretty quickly but what precautions should I take? For example, should I turn off cruise control? What speed should I go on a 65 mph highway?
  8. Lambos r4ever

    Car weight

    What parts of a car significantly contribute to it's weight. Anybody have an example of a car or approximate numbers? For example, I heard the engine itself weighs about 500 lbs.
  9. Lambos r4ever

    What RPM should I change gear?

    Hey guys I have a Honda Prelude which has the V-TEC engine where most of the power comes above 6000 RPM. In order to maintain a good balance between fuel economy and having fun, at what RPM do you think I should change gear? (redline at about 7500RPM)
  10. Lambos r4ever


    Sadly that is exactly what I was thinking. My first guess was C class, but then reading other peoples posts about the back end and looking at that grainy footage made me start to question myself, but C class still gets my vote because of the front. Now all you have to do is track down all the...